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Laptop refuses to boot - help!

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Many times my laptop simply refuses to boot, and I get greeted with a nice friendly BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH..I have to try many many times to get it to work, sometimes well over 15 times (which can take a while...)


It goes like this: everything is all normal and fine, I log in, wait for everything to fully load, and that's when it starts..shortly after I move the mouse or anything, it freezes up for a bit, and then the blue screen shows up.


Here's a photo:



Right now I managed to get this thing to work, and have been "shutting down" by using Hibernate mode but can't do this forever gona have to shut it down for real one day


What's the issue here? Im thinking its a RAM issue as it looks like a RAM address over there, but idk; can someone confirm for me before i go out spending $40 on new memory lol


This is a Gateway NV52 laptop with an AMD Athlon X2 dual core processor, ATI 3200 video card, toshiba 320GB hard drive and 4GB RAM (factory specs)


Ive been getting BSOD's ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 (never had any while using vista), back then they were occasional but I was like w/e and let them slide and weren't that bad, but things just got worse and worse and now it's down to the point I cant even start the laptop without BSOD...


Tried all 3 variations of safe mode (safe mode, networking, command prompt); same thing happens. Memory diagnostics says there's a problem with the hardware and i should call the manufacturer.


So what's the issue here? Will getting new RAM fix this problem? Or is it something else? I plan on bringing this laptop with me on the road soon, and if this happens while I'm out that won't be very pleasant, so please help me with this. Thanks!!

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1) Are you able to make a bootable CD on another computer


2) What was the last thing you did to that machine?


3) Did you unplug everything?

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You are using drivers that are causing a conflict. You need to update all of your drivers to the latest ones for windows 7.

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