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MBTA For Trainz

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Hello Everyone at NTF,


Im here to tell you that i want to bring the MBTA to trainz. Just like Klinger (Tails) i want to bring something new to trainz. I'm looking for a group of skilled workers that would be willing to help me with this project. Here are some qualification i really need you to have: You need to know what your doing, needs to be good with the following Gmax,Blender,Skp,3DSMax,ect...,know how to add interiors,animate things, and most important know how to make train cars. If you are interested please PM me or ask questions here. What you will be doing if you join (sorry if i sound demanding) is making the MBTA Subway cars which include Red,Blue,Green,and Orange Lines. I can handle the Subway Stations but if you would want to help by all means do so just ask and ill try to set it up so that you can. Now if your not that good with and/or learning how to use these modeling programs you can help by posting pics of Stations or railfanning vids of the station/trains. Every little will help. So thanks for taking the time to read this and i look forward to having your help. Now my intentions were to start this by SB. Since ill be visiting my Dad in Boston over SB ill be doing some research of my own. And if anything else comes up ill let you know. So I hope to here from you soon and thanks again guys for listing or reading.

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