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Music Videos And The Subway


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Ok, I'm a huge music fan. I listen to pretty much anything. I wanted to make a list of song that has their videos take place on the subway. I know a few so I;m going to start.


R.I. Easy's "In Tha Dead Of Night" (brief scene at Hoyt-Schermerhorn (A)(C)(G) and the rapper getting on a R-160 (R)? train.)

Jessie Malin "Riding On The Subway" (the whole thing takes places on the (7)(N) and (W) lines.)

Weird Al's "Fat" (Takes place in the mezzanine of Hoyt-Schermerhorn)

Avril Levine's "My Happy Ending" (Takes place on Myrtle Avenue so many scene of R-42 (M) trains)

Christina Vidal's "Tiena" (Most of the video takes place on the (J) train between Broadway Junction and Myrtle Avenue.)



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Ini Kamoze-Here comes the Hotstepper. He's on the the (J)(Z) at Myrtle Ave.


This is a flashback:D



Oh shit! 1993-94. I was working on West 25th street between 6th and Broadway. Those were fun times. Even though nobody I knew liked the song too much, or they were scared to admit it, I liked it and thought it was good.

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