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Four (4) accidents in just a week!


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Since a bit more than a week now, 4 STM buses were involved in a series of accidents. :confused:


1. STM 30-842, a 2010 Nova Bus LFS Artic

2. STM 23-231, a 2003 Nova Bus LFS

3. STM 15-055, a 1994 Nova Bus Classic TC40102N

4. STM 31-806, a 2011 Nova Bus LFS Artic


Here's the most recent one. STM's brand new 31-806 Nova Artic got into a fatal car accident. ;)









MONTREAL - A woman was killed Wednesday when her car collided with a Société de transport de Montréal bus in Montreal North.


The collision happened about 9:10 a.m. at the corner of Henri Bourassa Blvd. E. and Garon Ave., Montreal police constable André Leclerc said.


The car was heading east on Henri Bourassa and the bus was making a left turn from Garon on to Henri Bourassa when the car hit the side of the bus, he explained.



The victim was in her 50s, he said.


There are traffic lights at the intersection and "the woman did not make her stop at the red light," Leclerc said.




It’s possible the freezing rain at the time might have affected visibility, he said.


Sections of Henri Bourassa in both directions near Garon were still closed as of noon on Wednesday.


Investigators will consider various possible scenarios to explain why the woman didn't stop, including alcohol, mechanical failure and the possibility she might have taken ill at the wheel.


Leclerc said there were no passengers on the bus at the time and the bus driver was treated for nervous shock.


It’s the second time in two days that an STM bus has been involved in a serious accident. On Tuesday a 17-year-old skateboarder was killed when he was struck by a city bus at the corner of Rachel St. E. and Frontenac St. in the Plateau Mont Royal.

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