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MTA and NYRA Restore Belmont Park Service


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Belmont Park service is back! Turns out since they closed that branch in 2010, attendence was at record lows.


This should be a summer weekend only trips w/direct train service from Penn Station IMO. That even with the NYRA paying for most of the costs of running the '2' trains round trip.

Best thing was from Tuesday-Thursday run 'express shuttle buses' to/from both Jamaica and Queens Village station.


Another waste of manpower and trains/equipment that should be used for the more important weekday peak hour service.

To me this is not fair, when you consider the LIRR has yet to restore full all day Saturday 30-minute headways on the Pt. Washington



Or consider extending the (Q112)to the Jamaica LIRR station as well.

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This was done only because the NYRA ponied up the cost for it.


I ain't complaining because it gives me a chance to go make a railfan trip of that branch. And its only running untill mid July when the summer belmont meet is over. Its not sure yet if they will run it during the fall meet.

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