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VIDEO: Buses catch fire at a Ronkonkoma Repair shop

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Actually, this was at Pond Rd Bus Depot (Suffolk Transportation). As you can see in the video, a Suffolk Transit Orion 05.503 was also destroyed.


"Two school buses and three tranist buses were destroyed."





Not good. I will find out which buses were destroyed. I hope it wasn't an Orion 07.502.

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Again, Newsday says it happen at Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison, Not Suffolk Bus Corp.


Suffolk Bus Corp is at 1980 Pond Road Ronkonkoma, while the fire is said to have happen at 3025 Vets Highway, which is Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison

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Yeah that is Atlantic Diesel alright. I picked up MCIs there a couple of years ago and I live not too far from it.


Also I just got confirmation from a guy from the Lakeview Fire Department that said that the fire was at the back of Atlantic Diesel.


According to him though, only four buses were destroyed, though he didn't saw what they were, but at least one was a school bus because thats what the call in as.



I believe The TransitMan thought it was at Suffolk Bus Corp's yard because a school bus was involved.


I can't confirm though if a Suffolk Transit Bus was destroyed in the fire or not, though I did ask.

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