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NYC Subway Book {I need YOU to help!}


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So I plan on continuing/starting Daniel's idea. I will make a couple changes which will be explained in this thread.


First, instead of focusing on one or two lines, I will focus on a complete line (i.e. Broadway, 8th Ave, Flushing, Crosstown, etc.)


I want the book to include:

1) History of the stations - History of rolling stock - History of the route


2) Photos (anything that includes the specific line. Can be just a train, a train in a station, or both. It can even be of track or any improvements on the rails (like lights, countdown clocks, etc.)


3) Maps (of current and previous routes)


4) Information on rolling stock


5) Future provisions for the line


I'm willing to add more things, just make a suggestion!


Now here's where you guys come in. If you would like to help, look at the positions and details below:


Photo Committee-these people do several things. 1) go out, take photos, and submit them for the book 2) find pictures and contact the author to see if the photo can be used in the book


Writers-Of course I need people to help with all the writing. You can either focus on one of the five points above, or you can help with everything. Of course, you must note ALL the sources you use and note copyrights.


If you are interested, please let me know and also say what line you would like to do the first book on. Whichever line gets the most votes, we will do.

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Volume I will be about the BROADWAY LINE.



Marvin and I will be taking photos. We can still use more help. We also need more people to help out with history, rolling stock, stations and transfers, etc.

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Then I will do station history.


Ok, I will send you a PM with the information needed. I think it would be easier if we split up the stations into different sections. We need the history of every single station where the (N)(Q) or (R) train stops.



1) Queens Blvd (R)

2) Astoria (N)(Q)(W)



1) Broadway



1) Sea Beach (N)

2) Brighton Beach (Q)

3) 4 Avenue (R)

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