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Anyone still waiting from #5025?

Acela Express

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Hmm, looks like I'm the lone ranger in this one. :-)


I would guess so man. Both #2901 and 8006 have been frozen for the time being. So I'm very sure #5025 has been end of end of life by now.

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I've spoken to the staff at 180 a few times, but it's the same generic attitude; however, I did speak with the individual head of HR a few weeks ago and she seemed quite helpful, or at least will be in the future when I need to call back.


I spoke with DCAS this morning - I need to know when was the last person called on my list; she said the last certified was #4881 on February 15th (the date 180 Livingston gave me as well). She was nice enough to give me the the gentleman who works closely with the MTA in transmitting names and such to their department.. He'll be in tomorrow morning.


FYI: 5025 expires Oct. 31st, so I've got 5 months as of today.

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I don't think that you are the only one left from the 5025,

not everybody knows about this website and there are others who do but don't post and

are just lurkers. I think that the reason why the 5025 list wasn't extended

due to the list freezes is because it's a short list(#4,885).


Sure they started calling from the 8006 list, but you are still on the clock, hang in there.


They will most likely have a NYCT B/O exam next year as required by law(every 4 years).

Quite a few people on here took both the 5025 and 8006 B/O exams.

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