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Green Bus Line Logo


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Do anyone know how I can get the Image of green bus lines the silver grry circle thatwas on the outside of the bus on the side or either the green on that was thier if my memory derves me corectly it said dependable reliabe,courtesy if anyone can help I would be most greatful and the drivers patches thank you:confused:

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ive been trying myself. I doubt theres one online. the original f can be seen on photos of the then new RTS slant-backs from the early 80s. They tried to bring back the logo (an updated version) in the early 90s when they first got TMC RTS' but they werent on for very long.

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1012 looks cleaner than the last time I saw it in Varsity and I remember in 2002 seeing this driving around Cross Bay used by GBL.


Picture of 1012 in 1979 with original livery, Fishbowl logo and slope back.



Picture of 1012 in 2004.



Suprisingly 1012 looked cleaner and well maintained than the Green Bus Lines buses used in revenue service in 2004. The whole RTS 03 fleet retired in 2000 except 1002 and 1007 which both retired earlier. 1007 retired in 1998 because it had no engine and 1002 retired before that and I think because this got retrofitted the earliest and it had a different A/C Condensor Cover than 1001, 1003-1015. 1012 was kept as TRAINING until 2006.


That updated logo with the RTS on the 1994 TMC's got removed shortly after delivery probably in 1995.

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