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New Timetables coming - Slightly Better Riverhead Service

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They added a new morning train from Riverhead at 9:21AM and with transfers gets to Penn in 11:32AM. Its nothing too special but at least its something. What they really need is a 7:30 or so departure from Penn to at least Riverhead for the late commuters. I think what scares people off that line is if you miss that 5:41 train you are screwed with no way home.

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Also note the Cannonball now has stops at Hampton Bays and Amagansett. New 0432 weekday departure Jamaica, nonstop to Atlantic.


The new Riverhead train is just an equipment move converted to revenue service. There are 3 more equipment moves on the line as it currently stands that could be converted to revenue service:


-A roughly 5AM arrival at Greenport (turn for the current peak AM train). Potentially no connection at KO, though as there is no train in the 0300 hour.


-Bringing back the 1740 train to KO, all but Friday nights. Again, no connection at KO due to peak hour restriction.


-Summer Friday deadhead of 254 back to Jamaica. However, it would lead to a very late NYP arrival.

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