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Video request please

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I have a request for a video to be recorded and posted onto YouTube. This weekend, Bay Ridge-95th Street bound (R) trains run Express from Roosevelt Avenue via 63rd Street. Could someone please stand on 36th Street, Queens and record an (R) train passing the station and using the 63rd Street connector? We have all seen the (E) and (F) trains using the connector, but never seen a video of an (R) train using it. Thank you. :(

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I can't do it cuz I'm in a very busy schedule now but I THINK that 4P3607 may have some videos of the mentioned topic.


sure I can do it, but I will have a very crappy veiw because I would have to stand on the Jamaica bound platform since the other one is closed. Also I have a 40% chance of my view being blocked by a local train (remember: both (R)and (E) trains are running QBL local).


So its not really worth it to get a video of it.

But I did get some of R68 (G) trains!

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