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I Remember When... NYC Subway Edition


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I remember when the (:( ran on the West End Line

I remember the time when the (:P, (D), (Q6Av) ran on the Manhattan Bridge

I remember the (W), (Q), <Q> ran on the Manhattan Bridge.

I remember when the (:), (D), (N), (Q) went back onto the Manhattan Bridge.

I remember when the (Mx) ran on the West End Line.

I remember when the (D) ran on the Brighton Line.

I remember when the (G) stopped at Smith & Ninth Streets.

I remember when the (F), and (N) never stopped at the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue station.

I remember when the (G) used to terminate at Forest Hills-71st Avenue.

I remember the existence of the (1)/(9) skip stop service.

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Ok. Now my turn on the subways.


(1)I remember when the (M) ran on the Brighton Line as a Local weekdays appx. 6am-9pm. (D)was the Brighton Express and extended to Stillwell at all times when the 'M' did not run. (Q) was a rush hour only line.

FYI. Between 8-930pm weekday evenings I also remember alternative (D) running as a 'express' to Kings Highway then switch and make all stops to




(2) I remember when the 'R' ran to Astoria as a (RR) and used slants or

R-42's. While the 'N' ran to Forest Hills until I think 11pm and used either R-46's or R-32's.


(3)I remember when the (2) and (3)before their current terminals in Brooklyn.

Prior to Mid-1983, the '3' ran to Flatbush while the '2' Brooklyn terminal was New Lots. (4)(5) had a strange pattern then as well.


Lex Ave Brooklyn/Lower Manhattan Terminal late 1970's/early '80's.


(4) ran to Flatbush rush hours and late evenings/overnights when the (3) did not run.

'4' to Utica all day weekends and weekday evenings appx. 830pm-Midnight.


'4' to Atlantic Ave weekday Middays appx. 10am-3pm.


'5' to Utica Rush Hours.


'5' to Atlantic Weekday Lunch Hours period.


(5)to Bowling Green all other times (except Midnight Hours)


(4)I remember when both the (E) and (F) Queens Terminal was 179th Street.

I also when the (G) ran 24/7 on the Queens Blvd line.



(5)I remember the Yellow "B and D" lines that ran on the Broadway lines from Spring 1986-Dec. 1988.


(6)I remember riding the R10 on the 'C' line until it's retirement around 1989.


(7)I remember when the (D) had mainly R42's and occasional slants and R32's in the early '80's as a little boy.



8)I remember the strip maps on windows on some of the R42's and R46's mainly on the (A)(E)(F) (:o(D)(R) and (N) lines.


For some reason, I remember older stuff as a boy from the subway then the bus.:eek:

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I remember when the handrails were yellow in train stations

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I remember riding a redbird (5) train in 1998 or 1999 looking out the railfan window in the front. I used to pull the handle which opens and closes the door when the train began accelerating. Once, i pulled on the handle, and the front door opened. I knocked on the operators door, the woman opened it, i showed her that the door is unlocked. She got out, and locked the door. And thanked me.

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-I remember when the (;) used to Operate 6-Car Slant Trains on the weekends between Stillwell and 36/Pacific or 57 Sts, or even 21 St-Queensbridge..


-I remember Pre-GOH R32s/R42s laid up on the Brighton EL on Weekends signed up as the <Q>.


-I remember (Even though I was really young) R-30 Redbirds on the (L)..


-I remember back in 1993, 4-Car R68A Trains testing on the (D) on weekends.


-I remember when the R68s & R68As were singles and had RF Windows..


-I remember once and only once seeing an R-38 on the (Q6Av) at 34 St heading to Queensbridge or 57 St/6 Av.


-I remember when Brighton was strictly R68/R68A. The (D) was R68 & The (Q) was R68A; This was when the (Q) was operating via 6 Av; R68s didn't have the (Q6Av) Logo.


-I remember seeing Bay Parkway-Bound (W) Trains via West End Express; PM Rush Hours During 2002.


-I remember 9-Car R62 (3) Trains.


-I remember, the rare yet awesome site of R62A's on the <5>. This was back in the Summer of like 1999 or 2000. They would lay them up at Brooklyn Bridge Yard.


-Lastly, for now, I remember the Staten Island Railway Tracks being fishplated..




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Blue stripes on the R44s and 46s




blue Metrocard which was $1.50


redbirds on the A division lines (as well as the R30 redbirds on the (C))


And the Yankee Stadium Subway race with the (C)(D) and (4)

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I remember when...


you could ride the C from Bronx to Beach Channel and beyond.


hanging out at 168th st and Jamaica Ave on the old wooden platform.


the mezzanines were wider with alot of stores and you could walk the length of the platform.


when hanging out in the subway was fun and like being in another world.




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