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Railfanning along the IND Crosstown & BMT Culver lines. Enjoy ;)





















(note: If the 2 videos above won't play, that means they are still uploading.






more videos coming later, they are still uploading. For now enjoy B)

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Nice Pics Oh and BTW are the R68's on everyday or is it temporary.

as 2 train master stated, its an everyday thing and actually by June 25 there will be no more R46 on the (G):P (which is why im trying to catch them).

Nice photos!! Its an everyday thing for the 68 (G)eorge.


Thanks guys :cool:

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Cools shots. Out of curiosity, how long did it take you to catch the R68 George??

About ~15 to ~20 minutes. When I entered the station from above (I took the (J) to Lorimer Street and out-of-system transferred), I had just missed a church Avenue bound one (I could hear the propulsion from the turnstiles).


G is for Great Gordon foamage:tup:

LOL but I actually wasnt foaming over anything but more mad since I was waiting at Church Av for the R68 (G) to come out of layup and it took 30 minutes. Also I couldn't get any exterior ride-alongs due to the train being so crowded (except on the Culver line part).


Once again thanks guys :cool:

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Did you take those photos with a camera or are they just video stills?


For pictures, I take 1-second videos. When I upload them to my computer, I play it on Windows Media Player & then take a snapshot of the screen (Prnt Scrn). I then crop it in paint.



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