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Montreal Metro Question

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Is there place beyond where the train stops to get a photo of the train in the station like there is on the IND stations in the NYC Subway.



Although I been to Montreal several times (most recent in summer of 2008)I only been on their Metro 1x.


So here their website. Maybe contact them for questions on pics. Since Montreal has not to date had a major terrorist attack like NYC, London, Madrid, etc. I am sure their security is not as tight.



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but at the same time you cant, because it is blocked off where the train stops, your best bet is to get a picture of the train entering the station and shoot at a high FP


this is a REALLY old image






you can shoot from an above angle in many stations



but again a higher fp will do you better due to it being underground




and to add on to it because i love the Montreal metro, i suggest Du College station on Line 4 ( orange ) for a nice shot like this



others are Vendome, Montmorency, Angrignion, Longeuil and Henri-Bourrassa ( dirrection Cote-Vertu )

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Don't forget it's a rubber-tyred system, so it may accelerate and brake much faster than what you expect.


but its also lit much better than the NYC Subway stations, more lighting means faster shutter speeds and the ability to catch the train as its leaving the station

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