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SEPTA Photos: Frankford and Delaware Loop For Route 15!

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Since I-95 is to have a new exit/off ramp installed to serve the new Sugarhouse Casino, the route 15 trolley cannot serve The Richmond street side. Instead, a new loop was built at frankford and Delaware Avenues to temporarily service as the eastern end point of the route 15. Today, May 9th, 2011, Ground breaking history was made as the trollies tested the track for the first time. Here are the photos I took of the results.


First Up: 2005 Brookville Rebuilt PCC II #2336
















and now for the 1981 Kawasaki Series 100 SE LRV #9103 to try it out (funny how they refered to this as "the LRV" and 2336 as "The trolley")











Enjoy the pics and the history that was made today

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Slammin pics!!




Still like throwing stuff, I see...

haha thanks


and the world can't go on without me throwing things.... it's like if you tried to go a week without the Phillies :)


Yeah, look at a few of my photo threads, you'll see who I am. lol

You're goin DOWN!!!!

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When the construction is complete, the 15 will return to its normal route, right?


Supposed to, but I don't think it will... this IS SEPTA We're talking about :septa: :tdown:

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Very nice photos of the PCC on the 15 and the Regular Trollies down at SEPTA territory, now I am going to throw waffles with maple syrup on ya, lols =D!
Thanks KeystoneRegional, you slobering monkey faced gorilla cheetah hybrid mutant on drugs!! You're getting a post too!!


Oh man! Great shots! I love the PCC cars. Infact, i've had the joy of working on the last one of two PCCs from Stockholm.
These PCCs are so epic, I love their sound too, they can pick up some SPEED which shocks me for their age!!


Cool shots!! I would love to ride one of those one day.


Hey, if you ever go to philly, let me know and i'll remember to show ya around

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