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Power Loss at E180....


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I was at Freeman st this afternoon around 1pm waiting for a (2)(5) to 149/Concourse...Today a G.O Was in effect with Uptown 2/5 runnin express...So after marveling at all the uptown trains...it dawned on me that the plattform was Unusually crowded...35 minutes after standing on the platform I get an email via the Transit alerts that there was A Loss of Power at E.180 St:eek:...No 2/5 north of E.180 St...prior to the email tho...I noticed No more Uptown trains....I ended up gettin on tha bus bx19 with about 40 other angry commuters lol...Luckily I had nowhere to be jus headed Home to Wash Htz.........But what cuases such an event? Loss of power??....I got the Folowup email about 25 minutes later that all was well...:(

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