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Some Derailment Catches

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Just a little of the chaos that ensued from the derailment this morning, forgive the quality, I use a P&S camera:


Found this at Canal:




Was looking for this at Coney Is.








And when I got to CI, I saw this, and I knew it was bad








I hope you enjoyed, thanks for looking!

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Awesome, it's rare the (R) gets to see daylight.


Yeah, it was signed up for Bay Ridge/95, too.


This is the 1st time I saw an (R) at Coney Island station! Nice catch!


I couldn't even foam I was so confused...


Great catches!




Great find! Anyone know when things returned to normal?


A great surprise indeed, not too sure when things got to normal...last thing I caught was a (D) at 4 Ave-9 St around 2PM.


I second that notion and to boot ...at Coney Isl.:tup:


Beautiful. Awesome.



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did that (R) train make all (D) line stops to Coney Island to replace the (D)? im surprised the conductor didnt change the signs to the (D).


That's what I assumed the (R) did, but I guess the crews that they keep in solitary are a lot more obedient than the ones that get to play outside :P.

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