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NJ Bus Zones

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I'm going to stay in West Drive, Bayonne NJ this july for 2 weeks.


I will be travelling to once NYC daily & once nightly.


I'm very frustrated by NJTransit's website. No effort has been made whatsoever, to create a publicly accessible bus and train zone map online.

Nor has there been any attempt to list unlimited zone fares.


1. Can someone please tell me how to work out my zones, how much I will pay and where i will buy the unlimited pass from.


2. Also, I'll need a return fare for a day trip to Rt-33 at Wyckoff Rd, NJ, United States. What zones will I be travelling? How can I include this in my unlimited buss pass?


3. Is it true that no matter what unlimited pass I buy, I will be able to use unlimited Bergen Light Rail at no extra cost?


- Thank you for anyone who's willing to help me from commiting suicide from this 48hour long NJTransit headache lol.

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There is no unlimited bus pass. However there is a monthly pass that you can use an unlimited amount of times in a monthly period.


Since your saying for 2 weeks I would buy the 10 trip ticket. If your going to nyc it would be good. 1 ticket to get there and 1 to get back. I dont know of any locations in Bayonne where you could buy it from.


As for the zones to/from, nyc automatically is 2 zones. It shouldnt be anymore then $3-5 bucks from your location.


What part of the UK you from? I have family that lives in Edgware, Middlesex.

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From West Drive, there is no direct bus to NYC except for the 120, which runs rush hour peak direction only.


There is route 81, which runs to Grove St and Exchange Place PATH stations. The fare is 2 zones ($2.35) one way, plus PATH which is $1.75. Use Grove St for Midtown, Exchange Place for downtown. An HBLR transfer costs 70 cents.


For Rt33/Wyckoff Rd, use bus 836. It connects to Asbury Park train station, and it's a one zone ride, so if you buy a pass for the 81, it'll work on this route. Asbury Park is served by the North Jersey Coast Line. Connect to it by taking PATH from Grove St to Newark Penn. A transfer is required at Bay Head. Fares are in the timetable.


If you want a map, check out http://www.njbusmap.com. No fare zones, though.

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I'm near Wembley Stadium. And Whats the difference between unlimited bus pass and monthly unlimited. It's the same thing with a time limit?


Where can I see the price and more specific info for these unlimited passes online?


The problem is that with any 10 trip pass, you are only allowed 10. I need 30, because im travelling every day, back and forth for 14 days (2 daily, multiplied by 14).


Also, I'm only using NJtransit to get to Path and MTA. PATH station is near Holland Tunnel/Liberty State Park (in NJ). Does that mean I'm only in Zone 1?

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Ive seen ppl buy 30 to 40 single ride tickets at once.


The monthly runs out at the end of the month. NJT doesnt have a unlimited pass outside of the monthly.


The monthly in your case a 2 week stay wouldnt be logical. But then again if your traveling 1 or 2 zones to get to path then it would be ok. I was under the impression you was taking the bus to/from ny for 2 weeks straight. There is a zone and farechart on the njt website for the the price of monthly and zones. Im not near a computer right now but maybe someone else can post the direct link to the chart.


paths single ride fare is $1.75.

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if your taking the 139 into nyc you will need atleast a 16zone interstate bus pass. and that will cover the fares for any other route you need to take.


Im assuming you need the 67 to Seaside Heights?

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Uh, for West Drive in Bayonne, if you're trying to get to Midtown Manhattan in New York City, take the Coach USA Red & Tan in Hudson County routes 10/99S which runs along John F Kennedy Blvd to the Port Authority Bus Terminal that is on 42nd Street (Fare is like 4 or 5 bucks each way into NYC).

Or you can take the 10 bus to Journal Square for PATH train service there to either World Trade Center or 33rd Street.


For Lower Manhattan, the direct bus is the 120 which runs along Avenue C in Bayonne (Fare into NYC is $4.25).

Alternative is the 81 to downtown Jersey City for the PATH train at Grove Street which has both NYC lines stopping there (to either World Trade Center or 33rd Street). Fare on the 81 to Jersey City is $2.35.


My suggestion for the two weeks you have to commute to and from New York, is take the 81X which is about 2 blocks away on Avenue C from West Drive, taking that to the Grove Street PATH station in downtown Jersey City and then depending where in Manhattan you have to go, you can either end up in Lower Manhattan or Midtown Manhattan.


OR, if you're willing to walk 2 blocks further east, you can take the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail to Jersey City where you can connect to PATH trains at Exchange Place (for World Trade Center bound service) or Pavonia-Newport where you can catch PATH trains to 33rd Street (same with Hoboken Terminal for 33rd Street trains).

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The zones for the 126 in nj is only 2 zones and you wont pay no more then $2.35 and thats for 2 zones. Its $1.50 for 1 zone.


The 126 to New york is $4.25 if you traveling on the 126 from start to finish.


1 zone to ny is $1.70. 2 zone to ny is $3.20. 3 zone to ny is $4.25.


The 139 runs nonstop from NY to Old Bridge and thats a automatic 9 zone trip. Now you need the 836 which you can get at in Freehold @ Freehold Raceway Mall. The fare for that is $16.25 which is 15 zones.

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What's the zones for X81 and 126?


And just out of curiosity, may I ask how you worked out the zones for Skydiving Jersey Shore?

I cant take Red & Tan, it costs 80usd per trip, too expensive.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! The Red & Tan buses are certainly not 80 dollars each trip, believe me, I know that for a fact, I take Red & Tan's other bus route in Hudson County on a regular basis. And I just remembered what the fare is for the 10/99S into NYC and it is only $4.00 each way.


As for the zones for the 81X, it is two zones from Bayonne to Jersey City. Cost is $2.35.


553 explained the zones pretty well on the 126. To get to the 126 isn't exactly direct from where you will be in Bayonne unless you take the light rail. The 126 serves out of Hoboken Terminal all times and in Jersey City, it serves the Newport area rush hours only.

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And the 836 for your skydive you need a Asbury Park bound 836. the 836 is a 3 zone route.


1 zone is $1.50...2 zone is $2.35...3 zone is $3.90.


If you want to save money for the 139 instead of using the 139 you can use the 67 from newark to freehold raceway mall for the 836.

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Hi again, I've booked my vacation. I'll be staying at a hotel 1mile away from Newark In'l Airport on the first night. I was wondering where is the nearest place I can buy these monthly passes?


Newark Penn sells them.

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