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East River Ferry


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NY Waterway East River ferry starts in June


20 minute rush hour, half hourly off peak summer, hourly off peak winter. 7 days a week, Fri-Sun Governers Island Service. Fare $4 any terminal pair, $12 day pass, $1 bike surcharge, free shuttle bus. Map for those who don't want to open the page:






I think this is going to be one huge flop.

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I think it would be a tougher sell than the North River ferries. There are so many more East River bridges and tunnels to 'compete' with. It would only really appeal to those that could make use of its landings without then having to transfer to a bus. Most people would prefer a one-seat ride, if available. Otherwise its use is really only a novelty to try once or twice.


It could possible do better if it provided parking lots, such as at Port Imperial, but where?

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I'm definally going to try this.

NYWY B/O is properly going to busy for East River, properly going to tell riders, "This bus is for East River" when bus go west 34th St and east on 42nd St.

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