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My New 4-car R42 Set

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I got this set last week, and i've been enjoying it since then. They were first assigned to the (D), then i assigned them to the (N).


R42 (D) train:










R42 (N) train:














Here are the R42 4-car set on the (N) along with 4-car sets of R17 <5>, R62 (2) and M7A on the Metro North:














Comments are welcomed. Enjoy. :)

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very nice! big question: how much does all of those trains cost? I don't think i could afford all that.


lol thank u. as i remember, the R17's were bought in 2002, cost me about $325, the R62's were bought last year and it was about $400 ($100 each car), the R42's were $125, and the M7A's were also bought last year, and they cost me $100.

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Looks cool I like them all I did the same with my R40 slants It went from F to Q train


can i see that please? lol

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BTW... I seen on youtube theres a way to change the sound files on the MTH trains where you can make the sets talk with differnt train lines but i think it's only for mth subway sets allready made like (N)(D)(E) lines

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