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Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island Local and Express Bus Megathread (56K)

Forest Glen

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After two weeks of busfanning three boroughs, I present to you this megathread. It features a variety of bus models on local, limited, and express routes.


I will begin in The Bronx. I wanted to take a picture of the BxM7A on City Island. Since there are only two runs, there was no margin of error. If I screwed up a pic, I would basically have to wait until the next day for a do-over. On Monday, I took a mediocre pic of the BxM7A. On Tuesday, I headed back to City Island. I waited 45 minutes for the BxM7A before finally giving up. Two minutes after I got on the Bx29, I saw the BxM7A heading to City Island. Finally, on Wednesday I nailed it:




On Tuesday, I was pissed off that I missed the BxM7A. However, as I headed back to Pelham Bay Park, I saw this on the Bee-Line 45:




Overall, I enjoyed busfanning in the Bronx. I also enjoyed riding the <6>, which I took during each of the three days I fanned in the Bronx. Here are some other Bronx bus pics:










After I was done in the Bronx, I spent Thursday in Brooklyn. My main mission was to find the Nova LFS. Since there are a plethora of express bus routes in southern Brooklyn, I also wanted to take some express bus pics. I was delighted to find out that the B100 uses mostly suburban Orion V CNG's. As I was walking down Crospey Avenue, looking for a LFS on the B6, I inadvertently discovered the location of the Ulmer Park depot:












I went on two separate trips to Staten Island. The first was last Thursday. I took the X2 from midtown to New Dorp. The X2 is one of the least used Hylan Blvd routes. It's basically a X1 short run. The ride was uneventful. I waited on Hylan Blvd to take pics of CT's:




I found this pleasant surprise at St. George:




Today, I returned to Staten Island. I took the X19. Since it makes so few stops, it was only about 2/5 full by the time we reached the tunnel. The ride through the Battery tunnel was pretty fast. However, we crawled on the Gowanus and Verrazano Bridge. The Staten Island Expressway wasn't that fast either (possibly due to the people heading out of town). We got on the West Shore Expressway. Midway through the expressway, the bus made this random stop near a gas station. One person got off. The bus got back on the highway. I got off at the stop after Huguenot Avenue. When I realized the X24 was on Huguenot Avenue, I walked back. I was walking down Huguenot Avenue when I saw the same X19 I just got off. By then, it was out of service and likely deadheading back to the West Shore Expressway. The burly white B/O saw me and shrugged his shoulders. He opened the door and said, "Next time ask me if you're lost" (or something like that. I was too embarrassed to remember exactly what he said). Rather than to explain the real reason why I was walking down Huguenot Avenue, I simply smiled and nodded my head. Although he inadvertently made me look like an idiot, I appreciate an express bus B/O going above and beyond for a passenger:




(This is NOT the X19 I took)






Bonus Pics





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Awesome photos. If you're up for it go to New Springville (SI Mall) by Marsh Avenue and Richmond Hill Road around after school hours and you'll see LFS' on the non-Castleton bus routes doing school runs on the S44, S59 and S61.

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Nice express bus pics... :cool:


P.S. I take the X2 and believe me it is well used. You can call it a "short turn" X1, but it is the bus for us Midtown folks since it bypasses Downtown, so it is a very important bus. It also takes off pressure from the X1s too.



Oh, another thing I also wondered about was why does the BXM7A only do two trips a day to City Island???? :mad:

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Damn, you got that CL on the x22, I've been wanting to get one on the x31 but missed it twice.


Excellent shots.


You're more likely to find them on the X22 now that Charleston has the route. They tend to run them quite a bit on that line. The regulars complained that reliability was an issue, so perhaps they are running the newer buses to try to address that problem.

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Fantastic photos!! How many Orion 5 CNG at SC have suburban seating? I gotta catch em since they will probably be the 1st ones to be retired outta the V CNG fleet.


I would say roughly 45% of the B100 fleet is suburban Orion V CNG's.

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Fantastic photos!! How many Orion 5 CNG at SC have suburban seating? I gotta catch em since they will probably be the 1st ones to be retired outta the V CNG fleet.

They're on the B103 all the time.

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I would say roughly 45% of the B100 fleet is suburban Orion V CNG's.


the B100 has a total of 10-15, 10 are most likely hybrids while 5 is CNGs


but on weekends/weekday non rush hour, it uses 4 total


all are hybrids 98% of the time except 2% are CNGs. CNGs on weekends are about mostly on the B103.


*B103 uses 30 total

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