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TTC Toronto Rockets


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Off topic but I thought toronto metro was all underground, between where are elevated or at grade?

I'm just going to list spots where it is outdoors.


YUS: Eglinton-St Clair, Summerhill-Bloor, Eglinton West-Downsview

BD: Kipling-Royal York, Old Mill-Jane, Runnymede-High Park, Keele-Dundas West, Castle Frank-Broadview, Main Street-Kennedy.

SRT: Whole Line


Most sections briefly have tunneled areas just before/after the stations.

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when I got in the Toronto Rocket a few days ago, it was amazing.. the announcement.. fixtures the quality of it all and the ride



But what's up the the TV screens? they're placed in such a stupid spot, and they're very low resolution...

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I loooove those shots of the T35A08 cars! And yes, you can see out the front of them, they have the RFW in the cab access door, and the motorpersons cab looks like WMATA's 6000s and upcoming 7000s. I really wish Washington Metrorail had obtained this model in concert with Toronto, same design, with side exterios Destination signs so that these could sooner replace the 1K Rohr cars sooner. Id love to see one of these Rocket T35A08 cars go down Vienna's way or Franconia-Springfield and Grosvenor flyover-Shady Grove. Next tie Im visiting Toronto, I am definitely boarding these Rocket Trains and be up front at the Train Operators cab access door's RFW!!

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