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Updated Suffolk Transit Roster


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As Of 6/1/11



The Numbers in Brackets are the number of buses in that fleet the company has, Numbers in Brackets next to each company is how many buses they have in total


^ means that summer routes were not included in total for buses needed


Suffolk Bus Corp (54 buses total)

Ronkonkoma Yard (26 total- 20 buses needed weekday, 16 buses needed Saturday)

Routes: S59,S61,S66,S68,6A,6B,7A,7B,7D/E


1999 Orion 05.503: 9923,9932-9933,9935,9939-9940 [6]

2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5011-5016 [6]

2010 Orion 07.502: 1031-1038 [8]

2010 Orion 07.503: 1066-1071 [6]



Bay Shore Yard (28 total- 21 buses needed weekday, 17 buses needed Saturday)

Routes: S40,S41,S42,S45,S47(Summer Only),3A,3B,3C,3D


1999 Orion 05.503: 9920,9928-9929 [3]

2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5001-5010 (10)

2010 Orion 07.502 35ft: 1016-1030 (15)



C.B.S. Lines, Inc (29 total- 20 buses needed weekday, 15 needed Saturday)

Routes: S56,S58,S60,S62,S69(Night Loop),S71,S76,S110,5A


1999 Orion 05.503: 9908 [1]

2000 Gillig Phantom 35TB102 Suburban: 2000-2002,2004-2005 [5]

2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5057-5059,5071-5081 (14)

2010 Orion 07.502 35ft: 1057-1063 [7]

2010 Orion 07.503 30ft: 1072-1073 [2]


Inter-County Motor Coach (36 total- 27 buses needed weekday, 21 buses needed Saturday)

Routes: S23,S25,S27,S29,S33,S35,S54,S57,S63,2A,2B


1999 Orion 05.503: 9913,9915,9918 [3]

2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5021-5034,5053 (15)

2010 Orion 07.501 40ft: 1001-1002 [2]

2010 Orion 07.502 35ft: 1041-1056 (16)


EBT Inc (18 total- 13 buses needed weekday, 6 buses needed Saturday)

Routes: S1,S20,S31,1A,1B


2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5051-5052,5055-5056,5060 [5]

2008 Gillig Advantage BRT Low Floor: 8001-8004 [4]

2010 Orion 07.501 40ft: 1003-1009 [7]

2010 Orion 07.502 35ft: 1039-1040 [2]



Sunrise Coaches Inc. (18 total- 14 buses needed weekday, 13 needed Saturday)

Routes: S92,8A,10D/E



2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5054,5091-5096 [7]

2010 Orion 07.501 40ft: 1010-1015 [6]

2010 Orion 07.502 35ft: 1065 [1]

2010 Orion 07.503 30ft: 1078-1081 [4]


Hampton Jitney (7 total- 4 buses needed weekday and Saturday^)

Routes: S90,S94(Summer Only),10A,10B,10C


2005 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5041-5042 [2]

2010 Orion 07.502 35ft: 1064 [1]

2010 Orion 07.503 30ft: 1074-1077 [4]


Total number of Suffolk Transit Buses: 157



Official Retired List

1981 New Flyer D901A-10235C: 108-115,550-557,624,800-806 (24)

1982 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 5,7-13*,6-13(118-125),126-127, 209*,558-562 (24)

1987 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 8701-8703,8720-8733,711*, 740-742*, 750-759 (31)

1991 Gillig Phantom 40TB102: 9100,910-917 [9]

1991 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 9101-9108,920*,930-934,940-941 (16)

1993 Flexible Metro D 30096: 9301-9303,9311-9316,9321-9326,9331-9342 (27)

1996 Gillig Phantom 35TB102: 9600-9620,9630-9636,9641-9655,9660-9661 (44)

1997 Gillig Phantom 30TB96: 9701-9702,9711-9714,9721-9726,9731-9734 (16)

1999 Orion 05.503: 9901-9907,9909-9912,9914,9916-9917,9919,9921-9922,9924-9927,9930-9931,9934,9936-9938,9941-9942 (30)

2000 Gillig Phantom 35TB102 Suburban: 2003 [1]



Total Number of Retired Suffolk Transit Buses: 222


an * next to anything BEFORE 1993 means that the bus is retired but it is not known where the bus spent its active life.

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Wow, I didn't know they had those Gilligs that early. I had never seen or even heard of a Gillig until I went to California in '89. It seemed like a strictly West Coast things back then. A decade later, I heard about them in Suffolk in discussions like these, and assumed they were new.

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Wow, I didn't know they had those Gilligs that early. I had never seen or even heard of a Gillig until I went to California in '89. It seemed like a strictly West Coast things back then. A decade later, I heard about them in Suffolk in discussions like these, and assumed they were new.


I don't remember seeing a 1982 Gillig Phantom, partly because My memory of ridding buses (although I've been riding buses since I was born) started right around the time I believe they were retired, and because I believe 9Based on the info I have) that the company that operated the routes that I rode when I was younger didn't have any.


I have ridden a 1987 Gillig around the time a chunk of them were retired, it was the first time I had ever remembered seeing a roll sign on a bus before. My mom called the bus a Summer Bus, based on the fact that one company had a route that only ran during the summer and I believe that company ran their 1987 Gilligs on that route. (However I have yet to prove that said company had 1987 Gilligs in the first place)


When I rode the 1987 Gillig, I didn't know the year it was made or the make (I had only known that it had looked, except for the Roll Sign, like the buses I had always ridden on at the time. (Which were 1991 and 1996 Gillig Phantoms)


It wasn't until my family got our first computer that I had discovered that Suffolk had 1981 New Flyers and 1982 Gillig Phantoms, as well as the years of the other Gillig Phantoms.


Based on some peoples help and some photographs that were taken of buses back then, I have placed almost all of Suffolk Transit's buses with the companies that operated them, except for a few.


1982 Gillig Phantom 5,7-13 and 209

1987 Gillig Phantom 711, and 740-742

1991 Gillig Phantom 920


Also I have no Info on 1981 New Flyer D901A 35102C 624 and recently discovered 623. They were not on the order list that I found, so I have no idea if they were ordered later or if they were transferred from another ST operator and renumbered when they got to the new operator. (that has happen once in ST history, 1987 Gillig Phantom #8703 was originally numbered #710

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