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Retired NYC subway cars sleep with the fishes - Yahoo! News


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A good 10 years? I don't think so. They retired in 2003.


No, not all of them were retired a good 10 years ago, but I remember being at the Times Square station (I was a college student on break then :cool:) when one of the first new R142s were being tested on the (2) line and it was definitely in the early 2000s, hence why I said a good 10 years ago. You see I actually lived near to where the new subway cars were being manufactured before they made their way down to NYC. They were manufactured up in Plattsburgh and I was a college student at Plattsburgh and was working near to where they were testing them in the early 2000s before coming back to New York City and then moving to Europe to finish my degree. I also recall seeing some of the actual cars being delivered here in NYC. They would have some of them loaded on some sort of device and would have them driven in the city. Not sure why that was, but I do recall seeing some. Should've taken a picture of them (not R142s, but the newer models out on the (E)(N)(Q) and those lines). In sum 8 years, 10 years, who's counting? It's been long enough though that I sure as heck don't miss those redbirds (no offense to any redbird fans out there, i.e. King of RedBirds :(), especially not the lack of AC.

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