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A Question.

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Why do R-68's have Side Roll-signs when R-46's have Electronic Ones?


R-68 Roll-sign


R-46 Electronic Sign


welcome aboard. Bit of advice. Always put a title to a question or topic thread here. For instance you could have call this thread a R68 question.


Not sure why either why the (MTA) never put electric signs aka LCD on the R68's? Probably a money issue. However some members here called 'foamers' meaning they in love w/ the NYC subways love the roll signs.


FYI. Some Jimmy you in school or work?

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Guest lance25

To add on to what Kamen Rider stated, when the R44s & R46s had their original rollsigns, the signs were also controlled by the motorman or T/O in the cab, so when the trains were overhauled in the late '80s or so, the technology was already in the cars, whereas in the R68(a)s, those rollsigns were manually changed like the rest of the then-current fleet.

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