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Nj Transit Private Bus line Fanning

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I was searching for a 5800 series Nabi to be on the 1 in J.C but no luck and not of NJT's out managed to just get pics of its private line and a Red&Tan Bus

and a solar panel Trash can and a Immi Bus






service changed one the private line they fused the mong. and newport line into one line






and now the solar panel trash compactor




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i know right i guess it was a once in a life time for that 5800s cause i caught it in Jersey city and got a short recording lol


come to Penn station where you will get really lucky and see the 5800's :cool:

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you right lol :cool:


i seen it on the 1,25,90 and 70 well there is the 37 though i never went to irvington to see it in person haha :P as for the which lines i see it the most your most likely to see it alot on the 1-Penn station that switches to the 361 i saw alot of those on friday :cool: not sure if its like that every day


anyway you would get lucky to see them more on the 1 and 25 and not as much i guess with the 37-70-90 though thats just from what im seeing haha


i need to go to irvington more often to see for myself :P

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Yeah man. It was on the 1:17 trip out of EX PL.


O ok i think they fused the journal square line with the 440 going towards 440 look at the bus stop sign it doesnt have journal square to socitey hill and 440 its just mong. 440 80 and 1

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those people at hilton are lazy using them for the 1/361 lol atleast use them more often on the 1 passing penn station though i know its gonna happen soon theres a few now a days though my guess it that it starts at Euclid Ave

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I'm gonna bet that the NABI's (At least the newer ones) aren't in use during the weekends. That's how Meadowlands did it when the 5270's to 5300's came to the garage. Even when we still have the Metro's, on weekends, they rather have those out than the NABI's, even though some part timers were begging to use a NABI. I was too but when I got on 3208.............(cries)....im sorry. It gets me emotional. LOL. Nah, seriously, 3208 was the S H I T ZZZZ. I never knew why they retired that bus after a new engine package......I was outrunning MCI's with that bad boy....

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