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Subway Shuttles ---info available


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;)I have up to date routing materials available..route descriptions and turn by turn sheets .Let me know what you need..


Awesome! Post as many as you can!!!


I'm sure certain GO's will get asked for more. ((F) 18 Av comes to mind)

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which routes do you want,,,the current materials?????


The best way to do this would be to post the materials as the G.O's occur. Given the summer heavy GO period is just starting, it would be a nice, not too onerous way of posting them.

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1 3/14/2011


from stand on Nb ST Nicholas far side 167 st,via st nich,,193 st..turnaround at 193 st st nich av into broadway left on 166 street ..st nicholas to stand far side 167 street


1 3/14/2011


to 137 street via Broadway nearside 95 street,,Broadway to 135 st,,135 st,amsterdam av,145 st,broadway llayover on Broadway bet 138 and 137 street


to 96 st via sb Broadway far side of 137 st to Broadway far side of west 94 street




turnaround 96 st from stand Broadway near side 137 st,to Broadway far side 94 street


turnaound via 87 streetm west end av,,86 street,Broadway to stqnd bet 93 and 94 street


1 3/14/2011


to 207 st IND Station


from stand on SB Broadway near side Manhattan College Parkway to stand nerar side of Isham street,,turnaround via Isham ,,Sherman ,207 st ,,Broadway


to 242 st via sb Broadway nearside of Isham street, to stand ,,turnaround via Manhattan College



1 5/21/2011


from So Ferry via

from stand on Broad street, south st,whitehall street,water st,state st,Battery Place,Greewich st,trinity place,chuch st,Reade st,west Broadway,,warren st.Broadway into state st,water street,Broad st,to stand the 1st stop Nb ON WATER ST Bet Whitehal st and State strret



2 4/4/2011


to 241 st

from stand on Morris park ,Tremont a,white plains rd,Nereid av,Baychester avg,241 st,,to stand nerar side white plains rd


to 180 st

from stand ,,,on 241 st,,near side White plains rd,,left on White Plns road,Morris Park av,to stand near side 180 st



eXpress trips


to 180 st from stand on 241 st nearside Morris Pk av,bronx park av,,,Tremont ,Morris Pk av,White Plns ,Bronx Pk esat,,Fordham rd,

enter Bronx Riv er Norht ..gun hill exit,,Gun Hill road..white plains rd,Nereid av,,Baychester av,241 st to near side of white plains rd.'


to 180 st,,


from 241 near side of White plains ,White plns rd,Gun Hill road Bronx river pkwy ,eixt Pelham Pkwy east,Boston rd,,,into Bronx Pk east,into white plains rd ,Morris pk av to stand near side 180 st..after discharging,,,r on 180 st,pu on 180 far side of morris park av









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I would like to have:

(G) Shuttle Bus

(E) Shuttle Bus Court Sq-21st St (F)


All (Q)(S) Buses


(3)(4) Bus between Franklin & Utica or Utica and New Lots Av.

(2) Bus between Franklin & BC



1. Shuttle Bus bet 241st St-E. 180th St

2. Local/Express (S) bet E. 180th St & 149th St

3. Local/Express (S) bet. 149th & 96th St


(7) Shuttle when LIRR assisting


(7) Shuttle bet. Queensboro Plaza and Jackson Av.


(J) Shuttle.


I planned to map all shuttle buses on Google Map.

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2 7/27/2009


to Franklin av from stand on Northbound 4 av far side Pacific st.atlantic av, Flatbush av GAP,eastern Pwy,,classon av, Eastern Pwy servce rd,eastbound to far side franklin av stnd location


turnaround via eastbound service service rtd eastbound,,rogers av,eastern Pwy westbound service road to stand far side of franklin av


to atlantic av

from stand wb service road ,,,Plaza stereet east, Vanderbilt av,Flatbush av,Bergen st,,4 av to staND far side Pacific st


2 2/03/2009


to Flatbush av via from stand on eastern Pwy,far side franklin av,Nostrand av,Flatbush av,,avenue H,Nostrancd av to far side Flatbush av


to Franklin AV

From stand on Nostrand near side of Flatbush av,,Farragut AV,,,NY Av,eastern pwky ,franlin av,esatern pwy to stand far side franklin av


2 5/17/2010


express to 180 streeet

from stand on Grand con, far side 144 st, 149 st,exterior st,,enter the Maj deegan..,,past 138 srt,,follow signs to sheridan AND Exit at 177 st,,tremont ,,left on devoe,,tremont a,,white plains morris pk av,to stand next side 180 st


local to 180 st from stand on Grd CC far side 149 st,149 st board custerners at the BX19 stop,,st anns,westcheter av,southern blvd ,174 st under elevated ,,onto boston rd,tremont av,whtie plains rd,,,,morris pk av,to stand near side 180 st


express to 149 st,from stand on wb morris pk av,at subway entrance between adams st and 180 ,,,tremont av,devoe,sheridan expwy,to bruckner to major deeegan exit at 149 st,,149 st,aalgiht customers on 149 st near grAnd cc,,,,,turnaround via grand conc,,u turn 138 st,,grnd cc ,,to stand far side 144 swt


locals to 149 st

from stand on morris pk near side 180 st,,,tremont AV,m,,devoe,180 st,,boston road,175 st,,southern blvd,westcheter ,,Brook av,149 st,Grand cc,,to stand ..


turnaround via grand cc,,,138 st,Grand cc,,,to 149 st



2 11.01.2008


to 149 st from staND on Broadway bet 93 and 94 ,,,,96 st,CPW,110 ,,lenox av,145 st,,145 Bridge,,,149 st,Grand cc,,to far side 149 st


,,immed turn south on grand cc,138 ,,,grand con to 1st stoop nR Side 149 st on ther grand conc northbound


locals to 96 st

from grand cc,left on 149 ,,Bridge,,lenox av,110 st,CPW,96 st,,Broadway to stand bet 93 to 94 st


turnaround via 87 st,west end av,86 st,Broadway to stand bet 93 and 94



limited trips to 149 st

from Broadway bet 93 and 94 ,96 st,CPW,fred douglas ,145 st,,,bridge 149 st,..etc


limited trips to 96 st

same then fred douglas bl vd,,cpw est,,96 st,broadway and same


3 5/09/2009


to new lott av

eastern pkwy main buffalo av,ENY Av,,east 98..Livonia av,Junius st,New lots Av,Penn av,Livionia av,,warwick st,,New lotts av, Ashford st, Livonia at to stand far side ashford st at B6 stop


to Utica av

,,livonia av, Snediker av,Blakeav, Junius st,,Livonia av,,esat 98 st,ENY Av,Buffalo av,eastern pwy main,,to far side schenectqady av,,discharge all


turnaruond via eastern pwy main roadway ,,troy av,st johns place,albany av.eastern pwy main road to near side of schenectady aV







4 11/05/2010


to franklin av via

from eastern pwy main roadway westbound farside utica av,,to epw wb to nearside franklin franklin av


to utica AV

from eastern pwy westbound nearside franklin av,classon av, st johns place, franklin av eastern pwy eb main,,to drop offnearside utica av ,,turnaound via eastern pwy main ,,Buffalo,,ny av,utica av ,eastern pwy main road,,to far side utica av to pu


7 5/21/2011


to vernon and jackson av via queensboro plaza south ,jackson av, 44 drive,,21 st 49 av,11 place,50 av,jackson av,51 av,,vernon blvd to stand nearside 50av


ret to queensboro plaza, south AND 27 st

via vernon blvd,,50 av,11 st,,49 av,21 at, 44 drive,23 st,queens plaza south to drop off At farside of crescent st ,,and proceed to stand nearisde of 27 st


7 3/26/2011


to main st via facing westbound on roadway ifo willets pt citi bnk stadium subway station entrance to roosevelt av,,,r on park roadway befroe the gcp,,l on roadway leaDing to the queens museum,,road to citi bank stadium parking lot,,,r on roosevelt av,prince st,,38 av ,,main st,,,,drop off ifo church ,,,r on roosevelt to stand




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there are many J and G[ and Q shuttles,,you have to be more specific,,please



e 8/17/2010


from stand nb Jackson av far side court sq via Jackson av,northern bl vd..31 st,,,38 aV,.21 St ,Queens Plaza south ,,Jackson av,45 AV,23 st,Jacskon av to stand far side of court square

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G 5/01/10


to Jay st from stand on 21 st near side of 41 av.queens plaza south ,,Jackson av,McGuiness,,Greenpoint av,Manhattan av,Driggs av,Union av,Lorimer st.Lee AV,Nostrand av,Clifton place,Bedford av,Lafeyette av,to far side of Bedford av


to 21 st/queensbridge


from stand lafeyette av far side of bedford av,Marcy av,Union av,,north 12 ,,Bedford av,Manhattan av ,greenpoint a v,mcguiness blvd..,Jackson aV,queens blvd,Northern blvd..31 st,

38 avenue,,,,,21 ST,,TO STAND NEAR of 41AV


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i am sorry



i dont have scanner capabilty ,,,yes i know it would be easier all around




Take a picture of it close up. It should still be a little legible.


Request (same as Yuki): the (E) shuttle Queensboro Pl-Queens Pl-Queensbridge

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Take a picture of it close up. It should still be a little legible.


Request (same as Yuki): the (E) shuttle Queensboro Pl-Queens Pl-Queensbridge

Amtrak7, you forgot Court Sq portion, too.


When (E) rerouted to (F) and (G) has shuttle bus, sometimes it merged together.

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to dyre av from stand sb morris park av nearside of 180 st,,,tremont av..white plains road..morris park av,williamsbridge road..allerton av,,,eastchestr rd,,gun hill ,,boston rd,,baychester 233 str ..dyre av stand nearsde of light street..


to 180 street, via ,,,from stand on dyre av,nearside of light street,boston road,,,gun hill,,eastchester..allerton av,williamsbrdge rd,,,morris park av,to stand nearside east 180 street:)






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Can I also have

(A) Local and (A) Express between Jay St & Utica Av.


(A) Non-Stop Exp between Howard Beach-JFK Airport & Far Rockaway via Nassau County

(A) Local between Howard Beach and Rockaway Park via Broad Channel.

(A) Shuttle Bus Broadway and Ft. Washington Av

(A) Shuttle Bus via Broad Channel

(A) Shuttle Bus bet. B. 98th St & Rockaway Blvd

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(A) Non-Stop Exp between Howard Beach-JFK Airport & Far Rockaway via Nassau County


It ran via Nassau Expy???


(A) Shuttle Bus bet. B. 98th St & Rockaway Blvd


When did this one run?

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