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Greetings From The Old Pueblo! By EE Broadway Local

EE Broadway Local

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Since April, EE Broadway Local has relocated to Tucson (The Old Pueblo) and I've been exploring my new hometown.


Tucson is in southeastern Arizona, west of New Mexico and north of Mexico in Pima County. Like Phoenix, Tucson is warm, but at an average of 2,100 feet, is 5 or 6 degrees cooler. Tucson is walkable, being smaller in area (maybe 130 square miles).


It starts at Stone Avenue and Congress Street Downtown, but on the east edge of Downtown, East Congress Street, East Broadway and Toole Avenue meet in a confluence and East Broadway becomes the main street. South of Downtown, at 18th Street (aka Five Corners), Stone and Sixth Avenues meet and South Sixth Avenue becomes the main street. I should mention Broadway is a block south of Congress Street and Sixth Avenue is two blocks west of Stone Avenue.


Sun Tran is our bus and fare is $1.25 local. On 1 July, fare will increase to $1.50. A day pass is $3.00 ($3.50 1 July).


The #8 which serves East Broadway and South Sixth Avenue is a good route because it's Tucson's most frequent bus. Weekdays, there's a #8 every 10 minutes and Evenings every 15 minutes with the last couple of #8s every 20 minutes. Saturdays every 15 minutes and Evenings every 20 minutes with the last few #8s every half-hour. Sundays every 20 minutes and Evenings every half-hour with the last few #8s every 45 minutes.


The Ronstadt Transit Center Downtown is both a popular landmark and a meeting place. Tucsonans call it The Ronstadt.


We've also a short heritage streetcar line that runs from the U of A to Downtown on East University Boulevard and North Fourth Avenue.


Vintage streetcars run Fridays 6pm to Midnight, Saturdays Noon to Midnight and Sundays Noon to 11pm. Fare is the same as local bus, but on Sundays is a vintage Quarter each way (25 cents one way fare)!


Many opportunities to trainspot. Union Pacific is both popular and frequent here.


North Stone, Sixth and Fourth Avenues and West Speedway have underpasses under the two tracks.


Estevan Park which borders the tracks near West Speedway is one good spot. Our historic train station Downtown is another. Tucson's train station is also Amtrak and has a small free museum and a Southern Pacific steam locomotive and tender on display.


Tucson is the home of the University Of Arizona, A Mountain and Mount Lemmon (and Ms. Linda Ronstadt).


Ms. Kayna Whitworth is a cute News Anchor. She is on KOLD TV CBS 13 Weekdays.


The Joel D. Valdez Main Library Downtown is a nice place to read a book, rest quietly or eat lunch. It has a large plaza which runs from North Stone Avenue to North Church Avenue.


De Anza Park (aka Stone Park) at North Stone Avenue and East Speedway is a small park that has a nice view of the Mountains to the west and is good to sit and feed the pigeons. Many pigeons in the afternoons and generally there is a breeze.


North Fourth Avenue between the Underpass and East Speedway is a nice shopping strip and nice place to windowshop or relax.

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Welcome Back Paul aka EE. You missed alot especially the Lefraud flop in NBA Finals, the Reyes trade talks with the Mets, Jeter on verge of getting to 3,000 hits and all the news and proposals 'back home' of the trains & buses in NYC.:P:tup:

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Thank you, Shortline Bus and Joel Up Front.


Although I've been exploring and getting used to Tucson, I've followed the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup and the Yankees, primarily through the The Arizona Daily Star, KOLD TV CBS 13 and ESPN.com.


If you've heard of it, South Tucson is a completely independent city completely surrounded by the city of Tucson. The mayor is Ms. Jennifer Eckstrom.


I've got to admit, it's been "bone-dry" in 2011. Tucson has received but 0.55 inch of rain since New Year's Day. Normal average is 8.11 inches. Our last rain occurred Saturday April 9th, my third day here.


Still, not too bad..... Wednesday June 16th, and our hottest day has been 105 degrees. We've had two nights where the low has been 70 degrees.


Another good bus route is the #4 which serves East Speedway, and serves the University Of Arizona. Weekdays, there is a #4 every 15 minutes and Evenings every 20 minutes with the last couple of #4s every half-hour. Saturdays, there is a #4 every 20 minutes and Evenings every half-hour with the last couple of #4s every 45 minutes. Sundays, there is a #4 every half-hour and Evenings every 45 minutes with the last couple of #4s every hour.


The #8 serves South Tucson on South Sixth Avenue and the #4 starts Downtown at The Ronstadt using North Stone Avenue southbound and North Sixth Avenue northbound to East Speedway.


Fun fact: Tucson has alleys midblock and often, these are made into streets and given actual street signs and speed limit signs. North Ferro Avenue is one such and the speed limit is 20 miles per hour.

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In honor of EE Local's here a song he might like very much. Guys take a close look at an R-32 (;) train from the late 1970's as well when it ran on the west end in this clip. School is New Utrecht HS which for the show was called "James Buchan High School'.



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Thank you, Shortline Bus and B35 via Church! I always loved the R32 Brightliners passing New Utrecht High School in Welcome Back Kotter. :cry:


Our Mayor is Mr. Bob Walkup. His term expires New Year's Eve 2011 and he is a Republican.


Tucson is divided into six wards: Mine is Ward 6 and my my City Council Member is Mr. Steve Kozachik. His term expires New Year's Eve 2013 and he also is a Republican.


Here, both Broadway and Speedway are, officially, Boulevards and street signs read Broadway Boulevard and Speedway Boulevard (or Blvd).


Reid Park, at East 22d Street and South Country Clud Road is a nice 160 acre park that features hills, a lake, and our zoo. Officially, it's Gene C. Reid Park.


The University Of Arizona Mall features some cute young women as does North Fourth Avenue between East First Street and East Ninth Street (the shopping strip).

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I would say the best local television news here in Tucson, Arizona, personally, is News 13 This Morning weekdays 4:30 to 7:00am on KOLD TV CBS 13 with Mrs. Kayna Whitworth, Mr. Scott Kilbury, Weather On The Ones with Ms. Erin Jordan and Traffic with Ms. Joan Lee and KGUN 9 News On Your Side weekdays 5:00-5:30pm, 6:00-6:30pm and 10:00-10:35pm with Ms. Jennifer Waddell, Mr. Guy Atchley, Weather with Ms. Erin Christiansen and Sports with Mr. Dave Silver.


My favorite local radio station has become KHYT 107.5 FM, Tucson's Classic Hits which plays a mixture of 1960"s, 1970's and 1980's music.


KHYT's webpage: http://www.khit1075.com/


Downtown, Broadway (here Broadway Boulevard) begins at Granada Avenue and for a short stretch, actually shares the same street with Congress Street. Just before Church Avenue, Congress Street and Broadway seperate and each runs east Downtown to Fourth Avenue on the eastern edge, where East Congress Street, East Broadway and Toole Avenue meet in a confluence of streets and East Broadway Boulevard then becomes the main street dividing north and south.


The area between North Fourth Avenue, East Ninth Street, North Euclid Avenue and East Broadway Boulevard is called the Iron Horse District and features Iron Horse Park (between Stevens Avenue/East Tenth Street and East Broadway Boulevard)

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Hi jimmy7train! Yes, we have these, my friend (the route the Sun Tran bus with this particular wrap tends to run on is the #5):




And speaking of Tucson beauty, jimmy7train, A nice view of Sabino Canyon:




That place really is beautiful.


And to anyone who knows, what bus that is? Sorry I'm not the best at buses. And the bus kind of looks misplaced bc it's in the middle of nowhere *exaggeration*.

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