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Checking The Twins Out


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Great Shots


Excellent Shots;)

Love 1827's Pic;)




Great ones, so odd to see 801 anywhere but Gleason. Dramatic shot of 3297, looks good. 6852 looks strange still, looks like somebody hand wrote the numbers too! Still waiting for the MTA to get that decal scheme down...


Thanks. IMO, they need to do the decal scheme like how it is at (MTA) Bus.


You never disappoint, great stuff!


Nice! So I'll look to see if 801 is out tomorrow.




Good Stuff!



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Excellent pics :tup:


:tup::tup::tup: shots!! I love those last ones in the sunset.


Was 801 on the Q65 today?


An Epic win for College Pt...alot of outstanding pics .

Northern blvd bridge and the point with 230 just f n slammin' D


Awesome pics!


Thanks guys!

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