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June 15 Trip with (MTA) and East River


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When I go to Junction Blvd, I overhead Countdown Clock Announcement, "Next Manhattan-bound Seven Express Train is Approaching Station."


I got on front car #1740 of Times Sq-bound <7> Express departed 9:23, arrived Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av @ 9:42.


Next, I walk and almost enter NY Water Taxi's entrance by mistake and after asking construction worker, I made to NY Waterway's East River Ferry.

I got on Peter Weiss boat departed Hunters Point Pier at 9:56, arrived at Wall St Pier @ 10:16.


Next, Battery Park City Shuttle Bus #408 came perfect timing at Water St/Wall St and departed 10:22, arrived State St/Bridge St at 10:28.


I walk to (MTA) Customer Service to get few more Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, then 4 large print Subway Map (four for subway race plan)


Next, I walk to Water St/Whitehall St and new Downtown Connection medium size on Battery Park City Shuttle #51 came and departed 10:57, arrive Water St/Wall St at 11:01.

After I waited until M15 +SBS+, some colored women were looking at SBS Machine, so I gave her the SBS Brochure, Manhattan Bus Map, and East River Ferry brochure I got from ferry waiting area.


Next, I got on my favorite New York Waterway Boat, Christopher Columbus departed Wall St Pier @ 11:29, arrived East 34th St Pier at 12:00.


I got receipt for M15 SBS and got on 126th St-bound M15 SBS #1265 departed 1st Av/35th St @ 12:08. At 1st Av/58th St, I saw usual dispatcher.

Arrived 1st Av/80th St at 12:23.

Next, I got on West End Av-bound M79 #5365 departed 79th St/1st Av @ 12:36, arrived 79th St/5th Av @ 12:42.


After that, I spotted school bus flashing yellow, so I thought school bus was going to use Amber Light, however both school buses did not use Amber Light.

Soon, MCI BxM2 pulled over to school bus stop at 82nd-81st Sts, I hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and went to Alexander McQueens, Savage Beauty to help security guard, manager, supervisior, "NO PHOTOGRAPHY/CELL PHONE IN SPECIAL EXHIBITION." This was so popular fashion show, line could up to 45 minute to 1 hour wait as black line represent line.



After few moments, I went to public cafeteria to eat lunch.


Then, about 15 minutes after 1400, I went back to McQueen to make sure no one wasn't taking picture.


To Forest Glen: Reason, Special Exhibition/Private Collections does not allowed Photography is some objects are from private collection from other states/countries that does not allowed photo, such as academy, galleries, etc.


Next, I left museum and I got East End Av-bound M79 #5602 departed 79th St/5th Av @ 15:21, arrive 79th St/3rd Av @ 15:27.


When I go to Yorkville Branch of NYPL, former 96th St Branch Librian transfered to this library and I was surprise to see her. Susan Buttacio, member of Teen Advisory Group at 96th St Branch. I don't know who does Teen Advisory Group there now.


Next, after I made sign to help NY Waterway, I made sign and printed out another schedule.


Then, after finish, I got receipt from M15 SBS and got on South Ferry-bound M15 SBS #1278 departed 2nd Av/79th St @ 15:58, and inspector at 57th St, got off at 2nd Av/33rd St @ 16:25.


Since it was rush hour, it was long line and I got on Christopher Columbus boat departed 34th St Pier @ 17:09, got crowded at N. 6th St, arrived Schaeffer Landing @ 17:24. When I got off, there were group of Jewish with their children waiting for ferry ride. It was very tough, because ferry stops at popular places such as DUMBO and WALL ST.

I went to walk to Kent Av exit where I saw bi direction bike lanes on northbound one way street.


I got back on same boat again and departed 18:02, and arrived 34th St Pier @ 18:24.


I got on NYWY's Ferry (S) Bus departed 18:24 and bus follow M34 route to 3rd Av, then used narrow side street 35th St to 6th Av, where I got off before light at 18:52.


Next, holding "ALL CYCLISTS MUST YIELD TO PEDESTRIAN" as I walk on bike lane to 26th St, then entered Transportation Alternative office for Volunteer Mailing Night."


With all of us helping, we finished and we had Veggie Pizza.


Around 20:50, I went to 6th Av/23rd St and saw bus coming this wait, so I got on Washington Heights-bound M5 #3951 departed 20:59, arrived 6th Av/42nd St @ 21:07.


Next, I made to front car #2104 of last Flushing <7> express departed 5th Av at 21:19, and arrived Junction Blvd @ 21:38.


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Has the MTA customer service center changed? Last time I was there every single rack was stuffed with subway maps and you had to ask at the window for anything else. Did they put more stuff out?


Will be back there in a few weeks!

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I think so. Only bus maps that missing are from Nassau County.


They still did not go new SI one yet.


I cannot ask from window, because there's one mean person who wouldn't let me take it.


Other familiar guy at front knows me.

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I think so. Only bus maps that missing are from Nassau County.


They still did not go new SI one yet.


I cannot ask from window, because there's one mean person who wouldn't let me take it.


Other familiar guy at front knows me.


Hicksville LIRR gives out Nassau maps if you ask at the ticket window.


I may choose to help out with Transportation Alternatives in the future...

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