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Railfan Trip on the B (4/14/08)

R32 3348

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This was the first time I used my sister's digital camera, which BTW is a Fujifilm FinePix A500, 5.1 MP. Since this was the case I was not at all used to the shutter delay or how the pictures got blurred if I didn't take them the proper way.


Trip highlights -

(6) from 96th to 51st St

(V) from 53rd St to Rockefeller Center

(B) from Rockefeller to Brighton Beach

(Q) from BB to Coney Island

(N) from Coney Island to Queensboro Plaza

(7) From QBP to Junction, then a local back to 74th (due to a G.O.)


BTW, when do I give a 56K warning?



R46 5764 on the V Train, at Rockefeller Center



R40 B Train on the Manny B



Leaving Prospect Park S/B



Passing R40 B Train on the Brighton Express



Another Passing B Train



Work Train on the Brighton Local



R40 4152 leading a B Train into Brighton Beach



R68A 5102 Entering Brighton Beach



R68A 5058 Leaving Coney Island



My favorite out of the 10, R160B 8868 leaving Coney Island


Comments are welcome, enjoy!

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Great shots of the (:P!

Are there actually some Slant sets still running as of today? I'll be in NYC in about 2 weeks but I'm afraid all I might catch of the Slants then is their line-up at 207th St Yard B)


I've figured out from the (;) timetable that it needs some 24 train sets in AM rush, so hopefully 4 or 5 of those trains are still Slants...

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About 5 f those trains are R68/As but their number is expected to increase rapidly in the ocming weeks and months. In two weeks they'll still be there but it'd be uncommon to see one. The train I got on was an R40M. I did see quite a few slants pass by, but mostly the modifieds. Yuo should be able to get one though.

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