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(AUS)Quick-thinking teen gets train moving

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From the Herald Sun:

Quick-thinking teen gets train moving


Christopher Gillett

From: Herald Sun

June 22, 2011 12:00AM


MEET the Melbourne teenager who managed to do what Metro couldn't - get her train moving.


Anne-Marie Reddan, 18, took matters into her own hands when graffiti and a stubborn train driver threatened to derail her ride.


She was at Lilydale at 9.30pm last week, bound for Ringwood, when passengers were told to get off the train because a piece of blue graffiti - smaller than a sheet of A4 paper - was on the windscreen of the train.


The driver announced he could not continue and cancelled the service.


Ms Reddan, a student at Ringwood Secondary College, inspected the blotch on the train driver's windscreen and found the paint to be still wet. So she went to a nearby cleaner and asked to borrow a bottle of Spray 'n' Wipe.


And then she remedied the situation herself.


"I didn't want to be delayed an hour," Ms Reddan said.


"It took only a minute to wipe off."


She said she believed the train driver wasn't happy he had to return to work, adding: "It was ridiculous he didn't check the graffiti to see if it was still wet."


And there was no praise for her from train operator Metro. It described her actions as "extremely dangerous".


Metro spokesperson Chris Whitefield said Ms Reddan risked her own safety - as the vandals had done - when she cleaned the train.


"Though the quick-thinking in this case prevented the train from being cancelled, we do not condone this behaviour," Mr Whitefield said.


He said that if a train's damaged windscreen impaired a driver's vision, the train would be immediately cancelled.


"Though what happened at Lilydale last week was quite unique ... it is not up to the driver to determine how recent is the graffiti."


Metro has an average 79 graffiti and vandalism incidents each month, at a cost of about $11 million a year.





The safe way is to from track level and use a long brush.

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