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Rikers Island visitors in clothes that are too hot to handle asked to wear neon smocks instead

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Rikers Island visitors in clothes that are too hot to handle asked to wear neon smocks instead


BY Reuven Blau



Tuesday, June 21st 2011


"Rikers Island is trying to turn down the heat by covering up the skanks - and keeping out the shanks.


From now on, female visitors who show up spilling out of their tight tops, miniskirts or ripped jeans will be issued a passion-dampening T-shirt that comes in a hideous shade of neon green and in just one size - XXL.


"These regulations are intended to ensure the safety and well-being of the inmate population, [Correction Department] staff and visitors," department spokeswoman Sharman Stein said.


They're also designed to douse the desire of sex-starved prisoners, some of whom have been caught getting it on with their significant others in large public visit areas that often are filled with kids, sources said.


"It was really gross," said a veteran jail supervisor. "It was really getting out of control."


One lass who wore a short skirt with spandex leggings to visit her beau behind bars said what's gross is having to wear that T-shirt.


"I have to wear what?" the incredulous woman asked when a correction officer trotted out with her T-shirt. "You're just trying to make me look bad in front of my man."


Then, as she reluctantly donned the shirt, she loudly complained about the time she spent fixing her makeup and hair.


"Why'd I even bother?" she asked repeatedly.


In addition to the coverup, the new Rikers dress code, which went into effect in recent weeks, bans all jewelry other than wedding rings.


Same goes for spandex leggings not covered by other clothing - not to mention anything with gang markings.


Jail officials also hope the new T-shirts will help correction officers clamp down on contraband getting into the lockup.


While all of the jail's 1,770 daily visitors - male and female - are searched at least three times before they reach the guest area, drugs and weapons still get smuggled in.


Visitors often can be heard discussing strategies for beating the system while waiting in line to get inside.


Because the coverall T-shirts lack pockets, a smuggler would have to reach under the garment to get whatever is being hidden - and thus, it is hoped, draw the attention of correction officers on the lookout for people wearing neon green.


The city shelled out $5,000 for the 800 not-so-tempting T-shirts, which get laundered daily.


Norman Seabrook, president of the Correction Officers' Benevolent Association, called the shirts "a waste of money."


Instead of blowing the money on things like neon-green T-shirts, the city should be hiring more correction officers, Seabrook said."



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No matter what the female visitors wear, that aint goin stop prison rapes.... It's a false notion to believe heterosexual sex not being freely available is the reason why they occur; that's what's being implied here..... there isn't an open desire for homosexual sex... that supposed "veteran jail supervisor" (whatever that is) should know better.....


You end up in prison over a child molestation or a rape charge.... man, forget about it... no way you walkin away w/o a sore bootyhole - and that's the minimum a punishment that inmate'll recieve... It aint the most ideal way to go about it, but it is what it is.... A good ole fashion beatdown is the norm; they'll catch that on any given day.... the anal reaming adds the extra "ummmphf" to it.... (I) know too many cats that done served time; prison rapes 9 times outta 10 are used as a form of "street justice", so to speak.... it's a display/show of power over that person.... I'm not referring to those that originally came in with homo tendencies & use prison as a means of gettin it in on some young dude, where on the outside, wouldn't be so welcome/common place.... Your average inmate aint in on some homo isht, nor is it on their mind....




As for this.....


"You're just trying to make me look bad in front of my man."

only a hoodrat would say somethin this stupid....


How about you shouldn't have chose the sorry bastard in the first place....

How about you being the HO that had him thrown in jail in the first place....

How about you screwin around with some other mahfu**a on the "outside", after the fact....


of course none of that's ever brought up.....


...but you so damn loyal...

...but you comin up in a prison visitor's facility tryna outdo the next baby mamma in your bid to be the america's next top broke hood ass model..... Yeah, I've seen those types in the waiting areas..... it IS a competition; "I look better than you, my man is more street than yours"....


Have it up to me & them chicks'll be wearin




on their faces, and:







I hath spoken !!


- Quoth the General B35 via church

..never more

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Moral of the story; dont end up in prison.


One of my friends dad did a 26yr bid and he told me his dad would have sex wit the other guys to relieve his sexual tension. It wasnt about being gay, its just how it works in prison if your doing a long bid. He also said that his dad told him the initial shock of knowing your not going to have sex wit a female for 25+ years bothers the hell out of you everyday.


Prison rape + no lube = "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" then your turn into a prison "bitch".


What made me cringe was when he said the prison guards would put the young boys in the cells of the old heads so they would get raped.


He also said they would rape all the young 18yr olds that would come in because of them being fresh "meat"; one thing that really turned my stomach was when he said they loved when gay guys came in because of them "giving it up with no problem".


Now his dad being out has a new wife and kids but is on parole and if he gets in any trouble results in a life sentence.

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