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Did anybody catch the R160 (D) today?


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I was waiting on the (F) at West 4th today for the signals to clear (so it could route onto the southbound (C), when to my surprise an R160 (D) pulled up on the southbound track. It waited a while to allow people who wanted to go to Bway/Lafayette to change.


I don't recall there being any issues on the West End or Concourse lines today; was this (D) just an extra put in, or a move between yards (say between Bedford Park and Coney Island) that they put into service?


In response to any "pics or it didn't happen", I didn't have a camera on me, so no pictures.


(Also, in relation to this whole no southbound (F) thing, I'm amazed they didn't put the option of taking the (D) to Grand Street and walking; it's not that far, really, and it would save time for those who didn't know and went all the way around.)

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it was most likely just a rerouted train. the (D) line is 100% R68


True. Come to think of it, it was probably just a rerouted (F) to take the pressure off switching. It was rather slow going up until Chambers/WTC.

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