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Americas Next Top Model (Inside Joke)


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everyone say hello to Mr. Romito this super mario looking mother..... substituted for my wood shop teacher last year when he was out sick and I must say this dude didnt know jack spit and did not like anybody! so to screw him over in return we gave him a hard time and he left in two weeks and was replaced by this older guy for the rest of the year....this was my 11th grade year lol I found this on somebody I knows myspace and I got a good laugh out of it...just a touch of my memories at high school that i'm gonna miss I use to mess with this dude everyday I use to love writing Mr "Doritto" or "Romo" on the chalkboard he would get pissed, so now i'm putting him on blast, tough break dorrito!


again, this isnt my pic I found it on someones page B) B) :lol:

he didnt even know the diffrence between a scroll saw and a band saw stupid pothead.

you cant say this dude doesnt look like Super Mario AND Luigi AND the pringles guy? mamma mia

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