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Timeframe from initial call to day 1 at Zerega

Acela Express

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This goes for current Bus Operators-


From your initial letter in the mail to day 1 at Zerega for classes (i.e. BOSS; drug exam; medical exam), what was your timeframe in between? I ask because I'm trying to get an idea of what class I'll be placed in - the July 18th or August 1st class. My dates are based on the calculation of what I've seen posted here, such as the last class that I can "remember" was May 9th. And, if that's correct, there should be a class next week starting on the 5th (since the 4th is a holiday).


Thanks in advance.

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I think my time frame was the quickest lol. It was 2008 and for exam 2801. The whole process from mail in the app to start day 1 at zerega, took me only 6 months.

Here is the break down... mailed the app, 4 months later took the boss exam, got the pre-employment letter 3 weeks later, report to 180 for drug test exactly 1 month after the boss exam. Got the call for medical a week later, started at zerega exactly 2 months after the boss exam :cool:

app--4 months--boss--1 month--drug--1 week--medical--3 weeks--zerega

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Thanks, vtexblu.


It sounded like the 3 week hold for Zerega was because there was no room in the first class, and you were placed into the second class. But sounds awesome.


If you keep up with my #5025 "Just got the letter" thread, you'll see the updates on my status.

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