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My New Upcoming Book


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Ok peoples, I just got my first novel published and it set for release sometime in September. It's call "Southriderz: Love At First Kiss" and it about six teens who come from different part of the country and attended a new High School in the southside of Chicago. During this year, they go through the only love roller coaster. Most of characters are made up but a few are based on real people. There's train content in there. Lots of Metra, CTA, and even a scene on a R-160 (R) train!!! Y'all would like it. I'll set the release date soon but tell me what'cha think, and feel free to ask any question.

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Congrats Man! Thats Great! Ya, let us know the date of release, so we can pick up a copy!


It set for the first week of September as of now.

You're a busy dude, best of luck with it! :D


Thanks and yeah. I'm here and there alot.

Yeah congrats, and good luck! It's sounds like it will be interesting.



Good luck! You got alot on your hands.


Seems like an interesting story.


Thank you. And Yeah, my plate is pretty full.



Thank you

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It's good to write, it keeps ones mind going. Keep writing, don't let this book be your last ....but one question. This book you wrote, what age group and ethnicity would you say will mostly be attracted to your writing.


More for Hispanics around 16-25 That's what I was targeting.

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Ladies and Gentle-rail freaks, I presents to you the Cover of "Southriderz: Love At First Kiss"


An the characters,



(L-R) Ely Guyardo Jr., Neil Azorez, and Duane (Drip) Guyardo



(L-R) Stacy McDowell, Lisa Maione, and Lady Giovanni


Feel free to ask more questions, especially if they apply to the characters.

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