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Fort Worth T numbering scheme

20 Dundalk

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Hello All since the good folks on this forum are interested in bus id numbers i thought i would share the present numbering setup for our buses:

WE have about 4 MCI D4500 Diesel buses #711-715

New Flyer c30LF 30 foot # 401-432 year 2000 or 01

New Flyer C35LF 35 foot # 301-343 year 2000 or 01

New Flyer C40LF 40 foot # 551-558 year 2004 ?

New Flyer C40LFR 40 foot #561-575 year 2007 ?

NABI 40 foot CNG #581-595 year 2009 or 10

NABI 40 foot CNG suburban # 770-775 year 2009 or 10

New Flyer C40LFR 40 foot #601-610 year 2010 or 11

Some Orion buses not sure of which model (front engine full low floor) CNG less than 30 foot for disabled call a ride (MITS) #200's

Some New Flyer Artics still in the yard unknown fleet number or how many yet

except for a few trolley replica buses this is our entire in service fleet quite small by NYC standards

The NABI subs have a rear door Our old deceased Flxable subs CNG (#751-769) had only one

we had a bunch of other Flx buses all gone now

FLX#501-513 35 foot transit CNG year ???'

FLX # 520-532 40 foot transit CNG 1994 maybe

unknown number of 30 foot Transmark? buses #900"s ?

when i first arrived in TX i rode on a few RTS but they quickly dissappeaed when the New Flyers came along they were Diesel 40 foot forgot the numbers maybe 200 series

Now all Flxable are R.I.P Gone.....

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Oh nice fleet, thanks for the info. I was going for a trip there last year because i have some family there, but it got canceled and idk when i might head down there. Keep us posted on them NF Artics!

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Just an update on our 60 footers:

I spoke with an Operator who said he is not sure when these units will see revenue service they did assist with the Super Bowl and the Mavs homecoming

the T has specific plans for these buses and want to build new transfer centers to acomodate the longer units the existing transfer center it will serve is in an octagonal shape and can just fit the 40' buses

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Just an update on our 60 footers...

They ARE NABI sorry for the mixup ..3 door front is the sedan type running on CNG fleet number 1001-1008 Used on our packed 2 East Lancaster route

on 15 min headways They call it "The Spur":tdown:;):eek:

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Thank You ENY These buses are used for our disabled passengers on an on demand basis who cannot use fixed route service they are seated to accept all wheelchairs if needed numbered in the 900 range (some 200s)some have pneumatic rear doors as in facing the back of the bus like a school bus emergency door:cool:

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