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I Made History- Took 25 Transit Ride in 1-Day (Subway, Bus, Ferry)- July 1 Trip


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I left my 2nd Floor home around 7:15 and did not spotted Q72 heading toward LaGuardia, so I went to Junction Blvd.


I got on front car of Flushing-bound (7) Local #2024 departed at 7:22, arrived at Mets-Willets Point @ 7:26. Only few peoples were listen to music, two people reading during ride.

Total time on Subway: 4 minutes.


I went outside and this station only had October version only.


When I was reading Q48 Guide-A-Ride at Roosevelt Av/Willets Point Blvd, bus showed up early than predicated schedule time. I took few Brooklyn bus maps.


I got on LGA-bound Q48 CS #4204 departed 7:26. This ride was fast, and low ridership. It was almost like 5-8 people only on this ride.

Arrived LaGuardia Airport Long Term Parking Lot #3 at 7:41.

Total time on Bus: 15 minutes.


Next I got on LaGuardia Airport Shuttle Route (A) #706 departed 7:45, arrive Central Terminal Building Area A at 7:46.

Total time on Airport Shuttle: 1 minute.


Next, I went inside and got few more Queens, Manhattan Bus Maps.

Then, I went outside and rush to Central Terminal Building B Area to get few more Staten Island maps and went I come out, I miss NG on (Q72).


When I was organizing bus maps, ex-Bee-Line on Q72 came, so I got on Rego Park-bound (Q72) #115 departed 8:00, few people and fast ride as usual and arrive Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av @ 8:16.

Total time on Bus: 16 minutes.


I return to Junction Blvd this time I waited for Manhattan-bound <7> express train.


After 3 Local trains showed up, <7> express showed up and I got on front car of Times Sq-bound <7> Express #XXXX at 8:29, with CRUSH LOADED.

When it was enroute, female C/O announce: "Ladies & Gentlemen! Due to door problem at Main St Flushing, there is delay on <7> express service. There is another train right directly behind us."

It repeated again at 61st St-Woodside. Few more people squeezed into car, then again at Queensboro, Court Sq, Hunters Point.

Arrived Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av @ 8:46.

Total time on Subway: 17 minutes.

I had to say, "GETTING OFF PLEASE" in loud voice because there was someone with headphone listening to music.

When I got off and walk on platform quickly, all 11 cars WERE CRUSH LOADED.

When I exit station platform, I heard another train arriving on same platform.


Next, I quick walk to Hunters Point Pier South.


I caught Frank Sinatra of New York Waterway during East River Ferry trip and I was surprised.

Frank Sinatra departed at 9:15.

When I tried to buy $12 1-Day Pass, I couldn't get it and he told me I only could buy only with Credit Card users or from Machine.

When I ask if I could buy 1-Day Pass at Wall St Pier and he said yes, so he give me free ride.

Maybe because they were not using regular East River ferry vessell.

When I go up to 2nd deck, I realize this was different from regular East River Ferry, and I look over to the side, it was regular NY Waterway vessell, my favorite singer Frank Sinatra.

I sang "Summer Wind" while ridding on Frank Sinatra."

Not so many boarded at Hunters Point Pier, Greenpoint, East River Park. Schaefeller Landing also, including DUMBO.

Arrived Wall St Pier @ 9:36.

Total time on East River Ferry: 21 Minutes.

I went to ticket office and bought ALL DAY PASS.

When I went to Water St/Wall St, I completely forgot Battery Park City Shuttle Bus doesn't start until 10am, and I let M15 Local go.

When SBS came, I realized and went to machine and to find out it was out of service.

When I boarded South Ferry-bound M15 SBS #1262 at front, told the 126th St B/O about that machine, he told me, "No one really ride there."

and bus left at 9:46, and arrive South Ferry @ 9:50.

Total time on SBS: 4 minutes.


After I got receipt for uptown M15 SBS first, then got on Washington Heights-bound M5 LTD #XXXX departed State/Whitehall Sts @ 9:56, arrive State/Bridge Sts @ 9:57.

Total time on Bus: 1 minute.


Next, I went to customer service to ask my friendly (MTA) friend if there's new SI map, but no luck. I couldn't ask at window, because one of person at that window is not friendly.

I took few more Manhattan and Brooklyn, then I went back to South Ferry and

got on East Harlem-bound M15 SBS #1253 departed 10:12, arrived Water St/Wall St @ 10:15.

Total time on bus: 4 minutes.


Next, I went back to Wall St Pier and saw my friend Steve get off his boat on Peter Weiss during Friday Only Lower Manhattan Loop and I heard crew change and it departed at 10:30, which another NYWY Crew properly recognized me from Pier #79.

First stop at DUMBO, and few more people got on.

At Brooklyn Bridge Park-Atlantic Av Pier 6, it got into chaos! New Crew couldn''t open the gate, and after few minutes, they were able to pen it. Lots of people lined up.

Lots of people were still not aware free trials ended, and delay with ticket buyers.

It was suppose to leave at 10:50, but left late at 10:56 I think, and arrived Governors Island @ 11:06.

Total time on Friday Only Lower Manhattan Loop: 10 minutes.


Bike & Roll across from Pier #101 wasn't doing Free Bike Friday, and I walk all the way to other side of Ft. Jay and it was too busy, so I gave up and walk and stop buy at gift shop at Slosson Deck to get my "Passport to National Park" book to get stamped.

After that, I walk quickly and to find out 11:40 return trip was full, so I had to wait for 80 minutes for next ferry.

While, I was waiting for 12:20 ferry, I had nice conversation with colored lady (I don't how to call in polite form) about ferry.

Loop departed at 12:20 on time.

During ride, I gave her Brooklyn bus map, and East River Ferry stop brochure and she was happy.

Arrived at Wall St @ 12:28.

Total time on Friday Only Lower Manhattan Loop: 8 minutes.

Peter Weiss left, and I used you-know what and I saw Ferry Waiting Indian family's little girl was 2340841_f520.jpg!! LOL!!


I got on Frank Sinatra departed at 12:40 ontime, few more people came on at DUMBO, both Williamsburg, then Greenpoint, and LIC was low ridership, then arrived at East 34th St Pier @ 13:06.

Total time on East River Ferry: 26 minutes.


Next, I went to get M15 SBS Receipt at 1st Av/35th St and got on Harlem-bound M15 SBS #1268 and one of rider were STILL CONFUSE AS HELL!

Departed at 13:12, arrived at 1st Av/80th St @ 13:26.

Total time on SBS: 14 minutes.


Next, I walk to NYPL Yorkville Branch to use 15 Minute Express Computer to make sign for NYWY Shuttle Bus Sign and printed out NYWY July 4th schedule.


After that, I left library, and check both way to make sure it was clear and jay cross to 79th St like wind and got to bus stop at 79th St/2nd Av.

I got on West Side-bound M79 #5624 departed 14:02, arrived 79th St/5th Av @ 14:12.

Total time on bus: 10 minutes.

I walk up to 83rd St and CitySight NY came first, followed by NYC Grayline Sightseeing Tour, then next one pulled over at charter bus layover. When that bus that was charter bus stop was not paying attention to CitySightNY and I also CAUGHT HIM TALKING ON CELL PHONE BEHIND THE WHEEL OF BIG DOUBLE-DECKER BUS!! When I saw NYPD Cruisers, I try to go to officer to tell about that B/O because that driver was risking life of tourists and residents who were on both deck.


I went to public cafeteria at MET to get my free lunch.


I waited for table by trash tray to be open, I helped my cafeteria friend put trays in.

Soon, seat opened and I put bus map, Brooklyn and Queens Bus Maps on tray, then put Bronx, Staten Island, M15 SBS, Manhattan Bus Maps and Subway Maps and put NYWY East River Ferry Schedule, and I went to get my lunch.

First I wash my hand at kitchen, and waited for my friend to gave me Cheeseburger and French Fries.

Next, I got Macaroni & Cheeze and went to drink to get SPRITE AND COKE bottles and went back to my table.

My museum friend call me, "Is this your office?", even supervisior friend.

I ate my lunch.

While I was eating lunch, I spotted seniors citizen who was walking with a tray very slowly, so I got his tray and put in tray cart next to me and he said, Thank you."

I left museum around 16:40, and I paid on Run #148 on (M4) at 5th Av/80th St and ask #146 was coming, and he knows my friend, but when I got on #146, he was off today, and I already paid on #148 by mistake and I told the B/O and departed 16:48, arrive 34th St/5th Av @ 17:12.

Total time on Bus: 24 Minutes.


Next, I set up sign to indicate to tell Pier #79 riders not to mistake with East River Ferry.

After Pier #79 ferry pickup one passenger, there were two people in conversation.

When East River Ferry wrapped up bus showed up, he flag for bus, even I told them this is going to East Side, not for West Side, but they didn't listen and my ferry B/O friend Derek told them, "This is going to East Side."

Man got confuse, "You not going to West Side?"

Then Derek pointed to sign I made for him, "Read the sign."

I got on East River Shuttle #174 departed 17:20, pickup sexy female lady at 6th Av/46th St express bus stop (which she was suppose to be at M stops), then pickup business man at Lex Av/45th St area.

When shuttle bus was entering ferry pier, one jeep driver was blocking the road, and police officers sitting on patrol car ask driver through speaker, "MOVE YOUR VEHICLE." and finally shuttle bus and M34 was finally able to get into pier.

Arrived at East 34th St Pier @ 17:46.

Total time on East River Shuttle Bus: 26 minutes.

Next I got on my favorite historican vessell, Christopher Columbus, regular East River Ferry departed East 34th St Pier @ 17:49, arrived at East River Park @ 18:15.

Total time on East River Ferry: 26 minutes.


I walk around North 5th St to Driggs Av, then North 6th St back to East River Park just to miss my friend Steve on Peter Weiss going uptown, which was 18:35 departure.

I got on Frank Sinatra and departed 18:57, arrived at East 34th St Pier @ 19:12.


I did not see East River Shuttle Bus #175 and I ask MTA B/O if he saw the shuttle bus and he told me I have to ask at Pier and I told him last bus is at 19:09, and he told me bus is properly running late. #175 is only one during last trip.

He ask me what time is last ferry, and I told him 20:30, so that way he could tell folks who need the ferry.

I did not see shuttle bus, so I got on Javits Center-bound M34 #3806 departed East 34th St Pier @ 19:12, arrived at 34th St/Park Av South @ 19:27.

Total time on bus: 15 minutes.


Next, I got on front car of Bronx-bound (6) #7500 departed 33rd St @ 19:35.

I spotted Eastchester-bound (5), so I got off Grand Central @ 19:36.

Total time on subway: 1 minute.

I got on front car of Eastchester-bound (5) #6771 departed 19:37, arrived at 86th St @ 19:43.

Total time on subway: 6 minutes.

I got upstairs and caught same Bronx-bound (6) #7500 departed 19:46, arrived 96th St @ 19:47.

Total time on subway: 1 minute.


When I exit, I spotted East Side-bound M96 #6697 at 96th St/Lex Av and departed 19:51, arrived 96th St/3rd Av @ 19:52.

Total time on bus: 1 minute.

I made rush to organic store at 93rd St and made to my mom's errand shopping, medicine and 4 idiotzate (correct my spell) sea salt.


Then I got on Harlem-bound M102 #5538 departed 20:05, arrived 3rd Av/100th St @ 20:08.

Total time on bus: 3 minutes.

Next, I walk to 2nd Av/101st St, got receipt for M15 SBS, put change regardding M50 Bus on Manhattan Bus Map.

Then I got on South Ferry-bound M15 SBS #1234 departed 20:20.

At 87th St, one passenger were confused, and other stops were OK.

No traffic around bridge.

Arrived 2nd Av/42nd St @ 20:35.

Total time on SBS: 15 minutes.


Then I used quick restroom, and went to 3rd Av entrance of Grand Central, which lead me to 11th Car Marking Place on Flushing-bound train.

When I enter, got on front car of FLushing-bound <7> EXP #2152 came perfect timing and departed 20:44, arrived Junction Blvd @ 20:04.

Total time on subway: 10 minutes.



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well, you sure got me beat.... I can't do it like I used to anymore, takin 20+ buses/trains, plus I don't have the time on weekdays.... Probably age related, but on my recent trips, I find myself gettin headaches.... could also have a lot to do with goin through em without eating/drinking.....


anyway, lol @ all the 1 minute rides..... sounds like you had fun though...


also lmao @ Yuki comin out with the "....and one of rider were STILL CONFUSE AS HELL!"

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While, I was waiting for 12:20 ferry, I had nice conversation with colored lady (I don't how to call in polite form) about ferry.





The polite form to refer to a lady is "lady."

Other then to describe her beauty, there is no need to use any adjectives.


I certainly did enjoy reading about your travels through NYC. Well written and informative. Thanks for sharing!

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