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Broken fareboxes


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I don't remember the date, but I did experience broken farebox or transfer run out on following:


Triboro Q53

MTA Bus Q35 before Flatbush Av bus stop change





M15 Local




M20 Vintage Bus long time ago

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The fareboxes on the express buses are generally good. Not really an issue on the local buses too much either esp. with all of the new buses coming out. I don't pay too much attention to it anyway since I have an Unlimited Express Bus Plus card. The last time I had a problem with a Metrocard from a dirty farebox or whatever was a couple of years ago, which is pretty decent and now what I'm going to start doing is anytime I do have a f*cked up Unlimited Metrocard, I'm just going to call the (MTA) immediately and report the card lost, this way I can just get a refund in a few days on my Amex and I can replace the card then and there since I always try to buy two Express Bus Plus cards at a time anyway as a back up. It is so stupid that you can't just go to a token booth clerk and get an Unlimited Card re-issued on the spot like you can with the pay-per-ride Metrocards.


It makes no sense to wait months for a new Unlimited Metrocard because they're always so backed up. Then you get these ridiculous amounts, like an Unlimited Metrocard with say 4 days on it and then two checks for very small amounts. Meanwhile, you can report one Metrocard a year as lost or stolen and they'll refund your credit card in a few days. You'll lose one day, so it's best that if the card starts f*cking up on say Tuesday that you report t right away if possible, this way you would lose Tuesday as one day and not another day.

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About a week ago I had an unusual incident with the farebox.

It was on an Orion V CNG, but what happened was it couldn't read anybody's MetroCard. Every metrocard went in there and just said "Read error".


Everybody got on for free lol.

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I was riding one of the last Cummins Orion V CNGs back in the early Spring and when it managed to get to the stop by the King Kullen (which is in front of RVC depot), a line of people got on. The first man had a transfer and he tried to dip it in only for the farebox to emit that low beep even before he could insert it. The bus operator wiped it, looked at it, and then sighed and waved them all on.

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I love it when they are broke and I cover the damn thing and people still look for an opening lol .....Then when it does work they try to be slick .

I love how this works but it doesnt happen that often


LMAO it that right.

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