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In a day that is already crazy enough, guess who is thinking about a comeback........

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A future Hall of Famer who was universally revered tarnished his legacy over the past 5 years by acting like a pompous diva.


I hope it does not happen but if he keeps up with these 'comebacks' Favre will be the first NFL Hall of Famer inducted in a wheechair or as (B35) would say in a body bag.


Favre should either just go home and start a new life in his native Miss. Or become a TV analyst such on ESPN who kisses his butt all the time.:P

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even though that was only one guy's opinion about a Favre comeback....


(I) Keep tellin people....the only way Favre goin leave the game, is in a bodybag.... he goin get hit by one of these freakish linemen runnin 4.4 40's like Ndamukong Suh... the players comin up in this era don't give a pigeon toed f*** about respecting veterans/legends on the field..... or off the field, for that matter.


At this point, I don't think anyone would be awe struck if the man comes back to play in the NFL....



lol @ this, though:

10 Reasons Brett Favre will play in the 2011 season

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"for the love of the game"


That's what all these has-beens say....


..when it might just as easily be that sweet $12,000,000 contract he has with the Vikings, not to mention souvenir sales and sponsorship contracts. If he retires, he loses all (or most) of this. What other job out there pays this much to a 40-something?

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