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A Stallion Down The Block

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I approve :cool:


Thanks! :cool:


Pit Stop:p:tup:


LOL :cool:


Now that's something to foam over B)




Oh that's awesome. I was hoping when I read Stallion it'd be a Ferrari, but I was like nah this is a transit site, it'll been an Orion 12 Horse Edition.


But it's an actual 430, beautiful. Where is that? You don't need to be specific I'm just wondering cause I don't recognize the block.


Farmers Blvd


Captain Slow must be in town!


LOL... i doubt James May would come here probably The Stig's Queens cousin


nice pics, nicer car..notice how its parked in front of a borded up overgorwn lot? whos the drug dealer that the car belongs to? lol


It was an abandoned mansion that burned down rofl :cool:



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