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Jamaica & Flushing Action


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Went to flushing today as well , got some shots i tried my best . Enjoy them , videos will be up on youtube check them out on my account " Ciboii22 thank you .



_DSC6665.jpg . _DSC6668.jpg . _DSC6691.jpg . _DSC6692.jpg . _DSC6698.jpg . _DSC6701.jpg . _DSC6703.jpg . _DSC6710.jpg . _DSC6713.jpg . _DSC6717.jpg . _DSC6718.jpg . _DSC6725.jpg . _DSC6790.jpg . _DSC6801.jpg . _DSC6807.jpg . _DSC6808.jpg . _DSC6814.jpg . _DSC6815.jpg . _DSC6817.jpg . _DSC6824.jpg . _DSC6827.jpg . _DSC6830.jpg . _DSC6832.jpg . _DSC6891.jpg . _DSC6912.jpg .



Thanks For Watching .

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1st several pics are not in Flushing...that's Jamaica Queens!


Yea i made a mistake i meant to erase the title , Can a moderator or someone change the title to " Jamaica Queens Action "

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