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Trip with MTA/NYWY Shuttle Bus- July 13 2011


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I got in front car of Mets-Willets Point-bound (7) #2009 departed Junction Blvd @ 8:45, arrived Mets-Willets Point @ 8:52.


Next, got in front car of Flushing-bound (7) #2100 departed 8:55, arrived Flushing-Main St @ 9:02.


Next, I got on 9:10 N21 Glen Clove #1782departed ontime at Roosevelt Av/Main St @ 9:10.

I did LIB Survey and lots of riders were happy.

Around half-way, there was HEAVIEST TRAFFIC, which happens to be TERRIBLE ACCIDENT, when bus passed accident scene, cars were look like damage as it look like gaint truck stepping over it.

There was construction on Middle Neck Road, which cause another traffic, and we were behind slow moving truck.

Arrived LIRR Great Neck Station suppose to arrive 9:42, arrived late at 10:02, 10 minutes behind schedule. There was dispatcher


Because of that, I couldn't get chance to try out N57, so I got on N20 Flushing #1768 suppose to arrive 11:15, show up late and departed 11:37, 32 minutes late, arrived Roosevelt Av/Union Av @ 11:07.


Next, I got on Q48 LaGuardia Airport #4195 departed Roosevelt Av/Main St @ 11:30, arrived Long Term Parking Lot #3 at 11:51.


Next, there was business man wanted to go to Delta Shuttle, and I told him to take Route A, unfortunalley he didn't listen.

When we flag airport shuttle bus, it was Route B and he asked B/O for Delta (He should have said shuttle and I think he must ended up Delta Airline thinking he was going to Delta Shuttle)

It departed 11:58, arrived Central Terminal Building Area A at 11:59.

I got few bus maps again from airport, then use restroom quickly and there was no Brooklyn Bus Map in sight.


Q33 showed up, followed by Not In Service, Q48, RTS on M60.

When I was trying to get on RTS #9502, RTS was crowded, and NG on M60 pulled up behind it.

I boarded M60 Morningside Heights #3883 departed Area B at 12:30, arrive 125th St/2nd Av @ 12:56.


Next, I went to 126th St Depot to see if my friend, dispatcher is working there, and I did not see them. I did not even saw local/SBS, so after I got receipt from depot stop, I saw SBS waiting for red light, so I check all directions from 126th St, 126th St exit ramp, and 2nd av and J-cross to gas station and close 125th St and made to SBS.


I got on M15 South Ferry #1255 departed 13:00, arrived 2nd Av/79th St @ 13:14, even with construction work.


Next, I stop by Yorkville Branch to use 15 minutes computer.


While I was waiting for M79 Riverside Drive to approach 79th St/3rd Av, I was helping at eastbound bus shelter to make sure no one was waiting for M79.

There look like Spanish-looking family was coming to this bus stop and I show and told her bus stop is across the street.

I check 2nd Av and M79WB was still loading at that stop, and saw two M79EB.

I showed up my homemade sign I made at library regardding M79 Bus Stop change, and I showed to first M79. When 2nd M79 passed by me, B/O thought I was waiting for bus and he usher me toward west side.

Just then, I saw M79WB was leaving 2nd Av, and I look carefully and jay walk to otherside.


I got on M79 Riverside Drive #5365 departed 13:47, arrived 79th St/5th Av @ 13:56.


I went inside museum went to Alexander McQueen entrance via Rockfeller Wing Elevator and there was long line properly 45 minutes to 60 minutes wait. I made sure and after that I went back to 1st Floor by Modern Art elevator and stop by Petrie Court to get quick coke, then went to public cafeteria.

My favorite table was open, so I set up bus maps, Bx, Q, S, B, M, M15SBS, N, Grayline Map, CitySight Map on my table and got my lunch of Cheesburgers, French Fries, Chicken Fingers, and two Snapped Lemon Iced Tea, Macaroni & Cheese and went back to my table.

Use table thing that indicating musical map, I put my sign MTA X22 Now Serves Outerbridge Park & Ride, and M79 East End Av Now Stops on West Side of 3rd Av.


While I was eating, I change my M79 sign to M50 Weekend Restore. Last & First Stop 49th St/1st Av which will be United Nations stop.


I stay there until cafeteria closing time at 16:30.

When I finish, I put bus maps in order I might used it on other bus.

I got on M4 Penn Station #6386 departed 5th Av/80th St @ 17:05, arrives 34th St/5th Av @ 17:52.


I even show AE X24/X23 B/O that X22 now serves Outerbridge Park & Ride while I was waiting for East River Shuttle. Both East River Shuttle Bus #174 sign I made for him, followed by few Pier 79, then #175. They were dropping off ferry riders and #175 was not picking up.

So, I got on 34th St Peak Shuttle Bus #142 departed 18:34, arrived West 38th St Ferry Terminal @ 18:46.

Got Downtown Local map for Shuttle Bus Dispatcher Info.

I got 20 copies of THE RIDE, CitySightNY and Grayline Brochure from both ends.


Next, it was same B/O 142 I spotted at 34th St/5th Av, who was doing Downtown Local PM Route. Tourist ask crazy question.

I got on PM Rush Hour Downtown Local #139 departed 19:14.

While I was on bus, it was heavey rain came, and near Greenwich Village, sun came out again.

When bus was on Clarkson Street, he stopped on east side of Avenue when someone buzzed for 7th Av.

Then he pickup ferry B/O passenger on 6th Av/Waverly Place where lady and and her friend want to go to 26th St, but he couldn't because it's only for ferry customers.

That lady sitting across the street didn't know ferry shuttle pick up there, so I gave her Downtown Local brochure because I have at home.

I even gave her Manhattan Map and M15SBS map. My new ferry B/O friend was Louis, and I got off 23rd St/7th Av @ 19:45.


Next, I got on 242nd St-bound (1) #2336 departed 19:52, arrived Times Sq-42nd St @ 19:55.

I rush to west end of track (4) of 42nd St Shuttle to see uptown (1) train passing by.

After it passed, this male Times Sq restroom attendant was not paying attention to restroom customers, so they had doors open. They were too busy in conversation with maintence and female ladies.

After that, I boarded Flushing-bound <7> Express #2032 departed 20:06, arrived Junction Blvd @ 20:27, which I spotted Chris.

Four express showed up, then I think local train did not show up until 20:42.

After that, I went home.


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