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? re: traveling w/luggage on w/e


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Hello. just joined this forum today and looking for info. We are flying into MacArthur on a Friday night (couldn't use our free tix to fly into LGA or EWR). On Saturday we need to get to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal and thinking about taking the LIRR. My questions are:

1) How crowded is the train on Saturday mornings going into the city? Is there a best time (we'd like to arrive Penn Station ~10-11)

2) We will have several pieces of luggage. Is this manageable getting around the station. Is there space onboard for luggage?

3) Will we have to change trains before arriving into Penn Station?


We will be returning to Ronkonkoma for our flight out on a Sunday afternoon. How is the train then? Will it be crowded going East. It would be Labor Day w/e.


Thanks in advance for any and all help!



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I'll try to answer your questions the best way as possible:


!. Its crowded depending on branch you are coming from but I don't think the Ronkonkoma line is packed during weekend AM's going to Penn Station. Trains leave on the hour every hour (9:40AM, 10:40AM, 11:40AM, 12:40PM, etc etc). The ride is 1 hour and 19 mins from Ronkonkoma to Penn Station so you'll be arriving @ Penn Station :59 on the hour (9:59AM, 10:59AM, etc etc)!


2. The stations are manageable to carry your luggage....the trains have overhead racks so you can put your luggage on top of there or if your luggage is too big then you can sit hear the doors when they have a single seat!


3. No you will have a one seat ride from Ronkonkoma to Penn Station because Penn Station is the last stop!


It shouldn't be too crowded but most likely it will be crowded going back East on the weekend unless its almost late at night due to people coming from back bars in the City!

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Make sure you are aware that the station is not at the airport. If you're not taking a taxi, I recommend taking the $5 Colonial Shuttle to the LIRR. For the trip to the Airport, go to a ticket machine and buy the MacArthur package (under Deals & Getaways).


Friday night shouldn't be too bad inbound, depends on what your definition of "night" is. There is no westbound service from 5PM to 7PM out of Ronkonkoma!!!


Sunday afternoon Labor Day Weekend outbound shouldn't be too bad.

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