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B38 Returns to Regular Route

R62A 1991

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Just a notification:






Effective Monday, July 18, 2011 at 6 AM


Service restored on DeKalb Av


Due to completion of the Fulton Mall, westbound B38 service is restored

on Dekalb Av.


Westbound Bus Stops Reinstalled

On DeKalb Av:


Between Ashland Pl and Hudson Av

Between Hudson Av and Flatbush Av

Between Flatbush Av and Bond St


Temporary bus stops are discontinued.


It'd be interesting to see if that new turn at Bond/Fulton is as hard as the one on Ashland/Fulton because of the new Albee Square plaza area. Guess I'll find out when I'm going to work on Monday morning.

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So I got a chance to ride it today, nothing that special at all, the turn was made fine. My particular bus (a local at 8:50) did not announce the new routing, just made the new stops at which I explained to a couple of confused ladies that there were signs posted at the temporary stops denoting that the route would go back to normal at 6 AM today. My mom's bus, which was around 6:40, had a driver that did make an announcement.


The only thing about the turn is that Bond St south of Fulton is under a lot of construction, and vehicles sometimes get backed up here (it didn't today, and it doesn't happen often enough to make a huge deal). Well, since the B38 no longer directly serves Nevins St station, I now take it to Borough Hall and I actually got to work faster. Overall, I'm glad it's back to normal because that insidious turn at Ashland/Fulton did add time, but since it was going to return to normal eventually, it's just whatever. I suppose the B54 will be the next to leave Ashland going to Ridgewood.

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