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She's A Super Freak


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5098 is a super freak ! this bus has the power and all , id choose this bus anyday ! Listen to the videos and it'll explain why .......She just came back from her 12 year overhaul .




_DSC7074.jpg . _DSC7075.jpg . _DSC7076.jpg . _DSC7077.jpg . _DSC7079.jpg . _DSC7080.jpg . _DSC7081.jpg . _DSC7087.jpg . _DSC7090.jpg .



And now for the good part ............ Listen closely to both videos .



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuMI6lL6x3E .


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j22H3ePrlw .



Thats it for today folks !

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This is the Bus I heard about.Why so long for a repower?


They didn't repower anything they just did under neath the bus , they did the struts , brakes , inspection , new windshield blades , new tires , and etc: , if you mean why'd it take so long for them to over haul the bus it's because it takes time for them to do it & it takes time for them to send It out .


definitively liked the 1st video with the turbo and gearing sounds somewhat like the M11E's.




I guess they dont like the clothes seat anymore


The ones with the seated cloth's they are old & they are ripped up & some have bed bugs in them . I like the shiny seats they put in the buses they are better .


Oooooook! The first video I could ONLY watch about a minute because I was FINISHED! The second video....UGH!!! That bus reminds me of my video of #5083!


Nice video!


Lol thanks , this bus is amazing !

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