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Coney Island (D) Train... WHAAATTT???

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According to this website here:



(Look at the bottom of this page)


Coney Island Yard is operating (D) AGAIN!!!:eek::tdown: (Though limited to 2 runs, while Concourse Yard handles the rest) Why is that? Can anyone explain?!?


For railfans..., NO R68A are normally assigned to (D), BUT... after the assignment change in June, this might be another chance to maybe try to catch them on (D) because they may use them as a replacement for shortage. If you see any R68 cars numbered between 2784 and 2915 on the (D), that is from Coney Island Yard. Just don't expect that you are going to see them a lot, because there are only 2 runs from Coney Island Yard.

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Guest lance25

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there like 2 or 3 sets of R68As that pop up on the (D) every weekend?


If so, then it's really not that big of a deal. Call me when R160s come back to the (A).

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