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westhcester county route items---updates


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Bee Line route changes June 2011


71--Larchmont Manor Loops


AM Loop

start on west side Of Larchmont Train station Parking Lot


l down the ramp

l myrtle Blvd

L Chatsworth av

go over bridge over i-95

l Railroad way

R Depot way west

R Palmer av

L Larchmont av

R Beach av---go across Boston Rd']

L Magnolia av

L Larchmont av

R Palmer av

L Chatsworth av to over I-95 bridge

R {Parking lot to west side of Metro North Parking lot



PM Loop

start east side of RR station

R Palmer av

L larchmont av

R Beach av go across Boston Post road

L Magnolia av

L Larchmont av

r Palmer av

L Chatsworth av

r RR Way

R Depot way west to bus stop facing east



6 7/11/2011


Yonkers to White Plains

start nepperhan street along side the Post Office

via warburton st

Riverdale av

Hudson st

south Broadway onto north Broadway


Yonkers Executive Park Trips

North bound

N Broadway Yoners

via Executive Blvd

Enterprise Blbvd

Odell Terrace

Executive Plaza

executive Blvd

North Broadway to regular Route


Uniontown Trips via High Street

from north Broadway nb

After Tompkins avenue


right on High st,,L farrragut P{wy and farragut av

L Main street A and P and regular


regular route

north on Broadway

L Main st

R warburton av

Broadway into ashford av

L saw Mill river road

into Addyman square parking area

L to saw Mill river road

Do bbs Ferry road

tarrytown road ,to Main st white plains (rte 119)

L Bank st into Transcenter LANE B

R Lexington av

L EJ Conroy drive

this is the last stop for white plains trips


yo u Can layov er on Hamilton av bet conroyand No Broadway



NB trips to Ardsley ===Addymans square only

regular to Ardsley

deadheading to turnaround

l out of the parkig area onto saw Mill Zriver Road rte 9a

R center st

L American Legion Drive

L Heatherdell

l saw Mill river road 9a\


White Plains to Pleasentville

regular to EJ Conroy Drive white plains

R Hamilton av

L Norht Broadway

L at the super shop and stop

you should still be on BROADWASY

Becomes Columbus av,,Kensico Rd,

r on Broadway

L Bedford road

last stop at Wheeler av


to Layover--from Bedford R and Wheeler av

left to Bedford road


from Layover

R on Manville rfpad

R Pleasentville rd''

L bedford Road to Wheeler av


Southbound Pleasentville to White plains


on Bedford rd and wheeler av

onto Broadway

Kensico Road,,becomes columbus av.

into Broadway thru the town of Kensico

Martine ave

King Jr Blvd

(Grove St)

water str

into the Transcenter Lane F


southbound to Yonkers

start o n Norht Broadway at Main st

Martine av

Grover st

water st

into the Transcenter Lane F


water st

Lexington av

Hamilton aV Into Tarrytown rd

Dobb Ferry Road

route 100b


L at the fork past the Sprian Parkway

Saw Mill River Road 9A to arsdley square

Ashford av onto Broadway

Warburton av

Main st to the A and P Food emporium




Uniontown Trips

now on Main st ===Hastings

r at the A and P onto Farragut av into Farragut Pwkw]

High st 9 rte northbound,

Broadway ,,utrun at first left to the route 9 SB

follow Broadway sb to regular


regular route

now on main st----Hastings


r onto Broadway a and P SB to Yonkers


Yonkers executive Park trips


from No Broadway into executive Blvbd

enterprise Blvbd

Odell Terrace

executle :Plaza

north Broadway

to regualr



broadway sb to Yonkers

wells st

Warbuiton av

Dock st

Buena Vista av

Nepperhan av to the Post Office


Hastings Layover

layover IFO Food Emporiumj only !!!!!


or follow warbuurton av to drop off passengers


north Broadway

Main st Hastingss


Valhalla station trips


Broadway into Valhalla

Columbus av

L Town Hall plaza ---APhillip Blank drive

L COlumbus av to reg:cool:


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78 Loop 5/31/11


south broadway Northbound IFO Getty Square ifo Pharmacy

Palisade av

Ashburton av

Nepperhan Av

Old Nepperhan av

Saw mILL river road into Tuckahoe road


via Ridge Hill Trips

continue straight on Tuckerhoe Rd

GrassySprain rd

Ridge Hill Lane'

Ridge Hill Blvd


r on to the service road

to the NYS Ny S Thruway


or rte 87 nb

exit 6a

stew Leonard Drive

Sprain Rd to the parking garage

l at home depot

r at service road

to Home Depot stop on service road



exit roads to Sprain road

stew Leonard dr

bus stop outside costco

stew Leonar parking lot entrance

bus stop is aftre the left turn


1st parking lot service road

Main road to the parking lot exit

stew leonard drive

87 sb

Tuckahoe road westbound exit

saw nill river road

old Neppehan av

Neppehan av

ashburton av

Palisades av into new school street

Nepperhan av

Broadway to stanly Pharmacy





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