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Today's Sat G.O. Trip plus LIB Comedy on N20 Hicksville


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Today, on enroute to Metropolitan Museum of Art, I wanted to test out Sat service on LIB.


Here's my trips.


I got on front car #2141 of Flushing-bound <7> SemiExpress train departed Junction Blvd, arrived Flushing-Main St @ 8:25.


I made to 8:30 N20 #1758 Hicksville departed late at Roosevelt Av/Main St @ 8:33.

In middle of Hillside Av pickup only trip, some one press tape!!

At pickup only point, someone wanted to get off through REAR DOOR but B/O and I told, "IT ONLY PICKUP!"

Good thing this male B/O was very nice, and he gave that people who pressed button friendly warning, "I'll drop off you this time, but next time you'll end up in Long Island."

I think Chinese lady sitting across the seat should has translate to Chinese, which happened to be few Chinese People getting off within Queens!! Bus was overcrowded all the way to Alley Pond Environmental Center, passed by city line, finally getting less one by one.


By the time, bus left LIRR Great Neck, it was 9:14, and it was 13 minutes behind schedule.


At somewhere bus stop on Northern Blvd, friendly B/O told him disable man with cane and told him next bus schedule after he asked to see if he has schedule. He told B/O thank you and bus left.


One of passenger wonder why bus was going throught, and this B/O made excellent announcement, "This bus go slow with A/C." "Bus goes fast if I turned off A/C, but it's hot outside! You could? Fast or A/C!"

I ask this driver if LIB Office is closed on weekend, but he did not know.

They were patient and I think they prefer A/C ride over going fast!

At somewhere at first campus NYIT Stop, B/O asked if anyone was going to school and no one reply and there was no one waiting, so bus skipped school and went straight.

Somewhere at CW Post, male passenger had no change, so I paid for him.

After I paid him, he ask me if I have change for $2.25, but I did not have money. So, he hand me $5 and told me friendly way, "Keep it."

He said thank you, and I said thank you. I think on somewhere on Newbridge Rd close to mall, same passenger who boarded at CW Post said, "Thank you, even it's not a bus stop."

B/O said, "Oh."


Arrived LIRR Hicksville @ 9:59 late, supposed to arrived 9:47, 11 minutes behind schedule.


When I went to get LIB Bus Map, this male LIRR Ticket Agent told me Bus Maps run out.

Instead, I took 10 Bus Schedules for N20/N21 and N22/N22A.

So, I decided to LIB Office.

Next, I got on 10:30 N20 Jamaica #1758 departed 1 minute early at 10:29.

I tried to ask B/O if LIB Office is open on weekend, but he thought I needed bus and he told me to take N16, which I didn't have time.

Arrived Roosevelt Field Mall @ 10:55 ontime at Roosevelt FIeld Mall.


When I got off, dispatcher was at office with doors open.

He was friendly dispatcher as usual, and when I ask him, he told me office is closed on weekend.

After I request for few bus maps, he gave me two bus maps and N51 schedule.

I ask if office has bus maps and he told me I should call them.


Next, I got on 11:15 N24 #1807 departed 1 minutes early at 11:14.


When bus hit Queens, I saw Queens Village LFS was sitting at layover on Jamaica Av, getting ready for Q36 trip.

During fast run, I was deciding to take JFK Depot buses to Jamaica Station for LIRR.


When Bus passed 179th St Station, I spotted NovaLFS on Q43 boarding passenger, so nice male B/O drop me off at Hillside Av/172nd St @ 12:00.

That Q43 bus was travelling right behind it.

Soon, as I got off N24, I flag for #8069 on Q43.


I got on Q43 Jamaica #8069 departed 12:02, arrived 146th St/91st Av at 12:14.


Next, I bought CityTicket to Atlantic Av Terminal because I wanted to help with (R) G.O.


I decided on 12:52 Train to Atlantic Av Terminal.

I stopped by at Airtrain JFK Side of Jamaica Station and got Manhattan Bus Maps and few more Brooklyn Bus Maps.


Then, I boarded front car of Hempstead Branch 7517 12:19 out of Hempstead arrived ontime at 12:52, and departed late at 12:53, one minute late.

This happened to family of T/O which he was behind the wheel. While he was waiting for connecting train, he was talking with his family until doors closed. He proceed.

After Nostrand Av, his dad ask his daughter/son if they wanted to see the tunnel, so he open the door and he closed cab door.

From far distance from front row of seat, I even got chance to RFW on M7 into Atlantic Terminal.

Arrived Atlantic Terminal ontime at 13:12.


I used direct subway access to Atlantic Av-Pacific St for LIRR Tracks.


I misssed Queens-bound (R) via 6th Av/53rd St Local.


I got on front car 5074 of Astoria-bound (N) local via Whitehall St departed 13:20.

Someone recognized me and I got off DeKalb Av at 12:23.


There was announcement, "B/c of construction, all Coney Island-bound (N) trains are running on (D) line from 36th St to Stillwell Av", which confused one of passengers and she thought it was (N) going on (D) line in Manhattan."

When (R) pulled in to (:P(Q) Platform, passenger acted unti C/O announcement it was going on 6th Av (D) line.


I got on front car #5798 on Forest Hills-bound (R) departed 13:30, arrived Grand St @ 13:38.


When I exit at station, there was passenger looking at subway map and ask politely, "Do you need help?"

They replied yes, "I want to get to Times Sq."

I told them to take uptown (D) or (R) toward Bronx/Queens and they said thank you."


I walk to Northbound SBS stop at Allen St/Grand St and got a receipt.

I got on M15 SBS East Harlem #1252 arrived.

One Spanish like lady got confuse, and another student like passenger who was on bus, quickly help her get a SBS receipt and she said thank you.

Departed 13:46.

Regular SBS riders told her why she need to have receipt.

2nd St, 15th, 24th, 29th, 34th Sts were OK.


I told 126th St B/O friend (male) that M50 Weekend service come back on July and he said thank you to me.


As SBS pulled into 43rd St SBS, passenger waiting for local bus at 42nd St went to 43rd St and boarded SBS without receipt.

She tried to paid for bus onboard SBS, and even thought B/O told her friendly wait she have to paid at bus stop b/c fare inspectors might show up. She refused because of hot sun.

She complained even thought B/O gave her friendly warning.

There was no sign of fare inspector as bus arrived at Mitchell Pl-49th St, then 57th St. which was OK. She got off at 57th St

67th St was OK.

I got off at 1st Av/80th St @ 14:09.

No one was confused at this stop either.


Next, I got on M79 Riverside Drive #5574 departed 79th St/1st Av at 14:15.

As bus passed EB 3rd Av bus stop, there was no one was waiting at bus stop, bus temporality bus stop was closed due to construction.

Next B/O announced, "Ladies & Gentlemen! There is no stop at Lex Av. Next stop is Park Av."

As bus passed Lex Av, no one was wating.

As Bus Arrived at Park Av, I got trick.

For moment, I thought it was stroller, but it happened to be wheelchair in shaped of Stroller until B/O bring lift down/up.

Arrived 79th St/5th Av @ 14:22.


I first went to Alexander McQueen entrance to make sure no one was taking pic, and went for lunch at cafeteria.


While I was waiting for two-sided table, I help my friend with putting tray into tray carts since it was very busy.


When my favorite table open, I set all six county bus maps set, subway, tour bus for Grayline/CitySight, and new Theater on Wheel brochure, and free BPC Shuttle Bus on table above my unfolded subway map showing subway side and Commuter Railroad side.


After that, I rush to get my lunch and eat lunch relax.


Around 16:30, I went upstair to see my friend at Balcony Bar at Great Hall, who I did not see her for very long time.

After 17:50, I cut across the rope to Ancient Art near East, then through hallway to make sure again no one taking pic at Alexander McQueen. It was about 90 minutes wait line for fashion exhibit.

No one was taking pic, so I went to 5th Av/80th St bus stop.

I got on crowded M4 Penn Station #6647 departed 18:06.

As bus arrived at 65th St, two elderly lady boarded the crowded bus and thought M4 behind him wouldn't stop.

At 59th St stop, when M4 behind him pulled up beside bus I was, it was my best B/O friend.

At 5th Av/52nd St, he got caught on red light, so got off at 18:20, and switch M4 to #6775 departed 18:22.

He was very happy to see me. He show me his bus schedule because I was going to catch him in uptown direction.

Got off 5th Av/46th St @ 18:28.


After I stopped by to get my mother's errand at nearby place, I head to Madison Av/45th St bus stop.


I boarded Q32 Jackson Heights #652 departed 18:39, arrived Madison Av/49th St @ 18:42.


While I was waiting for #6775, no one was waiting for M50 bus. I guess no one does know M50 is running on weekend.


I finally got on M4 Washington Heights #6775 departed 19:10.

After I told him about weekend service restored on M50, after 56th St, he announced 57th St bus stop as 157th St, and he said correction.

Arrive arrived Madison Av/57th St @ 19:14.


I stopped by at Apple Store (forgetting station was closed for G.O.

After I check internet at Apple Store quickly, I direct people who need (N)(Q) to go to 57th St-7th Av or (R) at (E)(M) Platform at 5th Av-53rd St.


After that moment, I spotted Q32 Penn Station running, so I rush to 5th Av/58th St and made to Q32 Penn Station #6864 departed 19:48, arrived 34th St/Broadway @ 20:04.

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Since, my errand stuff was too big for turnstile, I have to go through gate and requested for gate.

After he said, I show my MetroCard and swiped turnstile closest to station both, and rotated arm, and went inside and he buzzed gate open and I went in.

I walk along uptown BMT Broadway Line, "All (R) trains running on (F)(M) line."

There was one lady who was waiting for (R) train. I pointed to G.O notice that (R) via (M) and I direct to correct (R) G.O Platform at (M) Platform.

One of person who speaks same language I think might translate my writing to her and I told her to wait for (R).

I rush to front end.

I got on front car #5564 of Forest Hill-bound (R) Local via 6th Av/53rd St, and he had cab door open slightly and departed 20:22

When I made announcement, (R) making all (M) Stops and passengers needing (N) to transfer at 42nd St or Court Sq for (7) to Queensboro Plaza for Astoria-bound shuttle trains.

T/O told me, "You tell them!" in happy voice to me.

Arrived Court Sq-23rd St @ 20:28.


Next, I went through elevator and missed (7) because I rush to front car as soon as I got off elevator at Court Sq Station.


I got on front car of 2130 on Flushing-bound (7) local departed 20:34, which was my T/O friend, arrived Junction Blvd @ 20:57.


I went upstair to elevator overpass, because of my errand stuff wouldn't fit through.


This agent took long time and people on other side holded door for me, but this agent took so long time, so I told them to go ahead.

I repeated 3 times I'm still stuck inside because first attempt, they buzz too fast. I finally was able to exit elevator and went home.




Enjoy my trip

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I really should go on a trip with you someday.


What? I met Yuki in person and find that somewhat disparaging.


He was kidding, but in any case, that's his hobby and he has every right to bus/railfan as much as he wants.


Who knows: Maybe he already has a girlfriend and brought her along. ;)

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Next, I got on 10:30 N20 Jamaica #1758 departed 1 minute early at 10:29.


LOL. If this was correct, the N20 would be even more crowded.

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Hicksville never has Long Island Bus Maps. Ive only seen them there once. Best bet is 3 Stone Street in Manhattan (take the (R) to Whitehall and get out the steps by the Chipotle)


I know this cuz im there all the time

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Hicksville never has Long Island Bus Maps. Ive only seen them there once. Best bet is 3 Stone Street in Manhattan (take the (R) to Whitehall and get out the steps by the Chipotle)


I know this cuz im there all the time


They're never outside. When I got them the ticket agent turned around and opened a closet in which there was a box of maps. At least they've been more diligent in restocking the N20/21, N22, N48/49, and N78/79 schedule racks.


lilbluefoxie: Notice the rack of schedules for other branches in the back of the ticket office?

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Hicksville never has Long Island Bus Maps. Ive only seen them there once. Best bet is 3 Stone Street in Manhattan (take the (R) to Whitehall and get out the steps by the Chipotle)


I know this cuz im there all the time


I think LI don't want to sent Nassau County bus maps because every time I go to 3 Stone St, no N bus maps.

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I think LI don't want to sent Nassau County bus maps because every time I go to 3 Stone St, no N bus maps.


Do they have LIB schedules? I don't want to go around the system getting schedules and then mail-ordering those that are hard to find.

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I think they don't send LIB Schedules.

Only MTA Bus/NYCT Schedule.


They do, I've done it before. It's a different phone number. (516-228-4000)


I'm scared that they'll deny me if I order too many times or too many schedules at once!!! Did NYCT ever do that to you?


Also, they seem to be very sloppy: the route numbers were written on the envelope flap, address was incorrect and scribbly, my first name wasn't written (only an initial) and the envelope wasn't sealed! It's a wonder it ended up at my address and not my neighbor's. (since that's what was written)

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Yeah, I agree. I was on 10:30 N24 Jamaica (correction put N20 instead of N24 in my trip report) departed 1 minute early and arrived ontime at Roosevelt Field Mall on #1758.


I also got on N24 Jamaica #1807 11:15 departure.

With A/C on bus was flying. As in result of that, I was able to get on Queens Village's NovaLFS on Q43.

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